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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Response to a Very Typical Left Wing Argument

I was graced with an interesting comment to my post re the bin Laden videotape which led me to this site. I intend to more fully respond a bit later, but there is one assertion I can't let go by. That's the canard that 9/11 happened on President Bush's "watch" and is therefore his "fault." The implication, actually spelled out in the post linked above, is that the Clinton administration is either blameless or was a very minor contributor to any intelligence failures that led to our inability to prevent the attacks. First and foremost, the 9/11 attacks were in the planning and development stages for several years before they were actually carried out. Inasmuch as George Bush was President for all of 8 months before the attacks, while Clinton presided over the prior EIGHT YEARS, who had the best opportunity to prevent 9/11? Clinton was President when Al Qaeda carried out the first WTC bombing, as well as the embassy bombings and the bombing of the USS Cole. The answer should be obvious to anyone exercising even the least bit of intellectual honesty.

Apparently Osama Has Received the Talking Points Memos

I had not read in detail the transcript of bin Laden's latest videotaped screed when I last posted. Now, having read it carefully, the similarity to the Dems anti-Bush talking points is downright frightening! If anyone thinks that these amoral terrorists thugs haven't been getting a good a**kicking since 9/11 better think again. If anyone thinks that bin Laden is agnostic regarding who becomes the next leader of the "Great Satan" he's suffering from terminal Moore-itis. Check out these... two... sites for bin Laden/Kerry comparisons, plus David Brooks insightful piece.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Whose October Surprise?

My first thought concerning the Bin Laden videotape is a simple tautology: Bin Laden issues videotape warning 72 hours before our presidential election...Bin Laden chastises President Bush for "misleading" the American people...Bin Laden does not want President Bush reelected. Does anyone think that his choice of words is a coincidence? Who else have you heard say that the President has been "misleading" the American people? If there was ever any clearer indication that Al Qaeda's operations, and by extension that of all other global terror networks, have been seriously compromised by this Administration's efforts since 9/11 and want Bush,Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld et al out of power, you would need to see a Kerry/Edwards '04 campaign button on Bin Laden's turban.

Quiz question: What European country would willingly, gladly and happily provide medical care to the grandfather of all terrorists, Yasser Arafat??

I don't want to spoil your surprise, so check out the New York Post for the shocking answer (may take a few extra seconds to load so be patient).

Left Wing Lunacy: Send examples

Don't have time to post today but take a look at the anti-Halloween/pro-Wiccan post at therooftopblog. This got me to thinking that I'd like to begin posting to a regular section highlighting this sort of politically correct, left wing idiocy that is taking over our society's institutions and being used to influence, no...indoctrinate, our kids. Please feel free to forward any such stories or links to me by way of comments or email and we'll see where this goes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bush Leads Among Early/Absentee Voters

Nine percent of likely voters have already cast ballots and an ABC News poll has the President leading among those voters 51-47 percent.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Look to the right sidebar for the Hugh Hewitt-inspired blogroll of fifty selected blogs. Today's favorite is Professor Bainbridge for just the right mixture of politics...and wine.
What did Kerry see and when did he see it? Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004


John Kerry is a liar. Perhaps pathological. When he speaks he reminds me of the SNL character: "Yeah, that's the ticket." Submitted for your approval, the following exhibits: A. It's not enough to pander and play like you're a regular guy sports fan. It's not enough to act as though you truly anguished over those historic, seared (seared) in your memory moments of collapse of your hometown team (as I do this very moment). You need to create empathy and pathos with the classic help me I can't stop myself lie...I WAS THERE!!! appears you were not. Oops. (Thanks to Football Fans for Truth) B. True regular guy sports fans whose team hasn't won a championship in its sport for...oh, lets say 86 or so years and is on the verge of one now...GETS THE SCORES RIGHT!!! C. On a more important and equally revealing note, it appears John Kerry was confused when he said on at least three previous occasions that he had met with ALL members of the U.N. security counsel at length before his vote to authorize the Iraq war. It seems he may have met with only "some" of them, not at a formal meeting and not for any significant period of time.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC Unhinged

If increasing shrillness, volume, anxiety and just plain rudeness by your opposition is a sign of impending victory, things are looking good. Take a moment to view a completely over-the-top display of all of the above in this clip from Scarborough Country last night with Lawrence O'Donnell and SwiftVet John O'Neill. Why is it that the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic party can publicly call President Bush a liar, Hitler- reincarnate, alternatively a moron or a Machiavelli and, to my knowledge, we haven't seen a GOP backer's head explode on national television? Donations to SwiftVets for Truth can be made through their website

Good Recent Polling Data for the President

Yesterday's Time Magazine poll has the President up by 5 points (margin of +/- 4).

Friday, October 22, 2004

Read today's offering by John Podhoretz re the impact of blogging on the MSM, the news cycle and election coverage. Also, thanks again to Hugh Hewitt for having linked my blog to his website during his "Vox Blogoli" symposium. There has been a noticeable increase in traffic (on a percentage basis but hopefully the raw numbers will follow).


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Posted by Hello A picture...or worth a thousand words.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A little disenfranchisement may not be such a bad thing...

A few days ago I was discussing the upcoming election with a person whose relationship to me will remain undescribed when the discussion turned to 9/11. In a very matter of fact but serious tone he said, and I paraphrase but just a bit, you know, its obvious only the government could have pulled off something like that. I was a bit shocked to have heard something like that from a person who I had never really considered to be unhinged so I asked him to clarify. He told me he was certain the United States government had coordinated the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in order that point I stopped listening. The point of this is that it confirmed my growing realization that many people, who appear otherwise rationale, hold down regular jobs, watch sports on TV, and enjoy many of the same things I do, harbor some of the most outlandishly and patently ridiculous notions. Ideas and conclusions so billeted in concrete that even the heaviest sledgehammer of rationale discourse will fail to begin even to chip away at them. The frightening prospect is that many of these folks will cast ballots on November 2d. As interesting is the fact that (and I will bet my lunch money) the vast majority of them will vote the Democratic ticket...but that's a topic for another day. That's why I never understood all the "get out the vote" nonsense where presumably well-meaning operatives with apparently little to do will try to get the guy living under the freeway overpass to register. Does anyone think that our representative democracy is better served when we can have more people who haven't read a newspaper since they last held a job which was the year before they dropped out of high school vote, rather than less? Mona Charen hits the nail on the head when she writes: "If a person is utterly ignorant about matters of public policy, then he or she has a solemn obligation to refrain from voting." Voting should require just a bit more effort than buying a Lotto ticket.


Please check out the mock election for teens nationwide which has President Bush winning by an electoral and popular vote landslide. It's refreshing to see some evidence that not all teens are being influenced by the Rock the Vote artists but are actually thinking for themselves. Unfortunately my home state (NJ) and adopted home state (CA) still have a ways to go.

Epic Collapse

Let me get this out of the way right now. My baseball team made history. Unfortunately it was akin to Napoleon at Waterloo or Custer at the Alamo. I will be fielding "congratulatory" phone calls and emails for the better part of the day I'm sure, so just get it out of your system. I do however look forward to the Rocket plunking the ALCS MVP with a well placed splitter.

Why Vote For Bush and What's Wrong with Kerry? II

The latest dust-up surrounding Teresa H-K's comments (Hugh's Weekly Standard piece) concerning the First Lady's employment history jogged out of my cobwebs a long ago heard observation. It went something like: One measure of a man is the company he keeps. And his most obvious companion is his wife. Having had more than one "obvious companion" in my life (not a point of pride I freely admit), I know that others when meeting the lovely Mrs. Release The Hounds! can't help but think more highly of me as a consequence. If she deigned to marry that shlub, well maybe he's not such a shlub after all. I now know that my earlier choice(s) were also a window to my inner self...and thankfully I have matured well. I know the "we're not voting for a First Lady, blah, blah, blah" bromide and that is true. But what we are doing is trying our darndest to evaluate our next commander-in-chief as best we can without the option of sitting down over a beer and barbecue. For this reason we look for all insights, big and small, direct and circumstantial. I don't know the dynamic between George and Laura Bush when it comes to, for example, matters of foreign policy and whether she consciously or otherwise provides any influence. The same goes for the Clintons, despite what has been said in the past. But what I do know is there is very little truth to the rumor that "opposites attract" at least not on core principles and attitudes. That's why much can be learned about a person by studying his spouse. A woman who indirectly insults stay at home moms, librarians and teachers in one breath when her purpose for exhaling on that occasion was to support the candidacy of her husband makes me nervous. Not because she will be making decisions about the future of my country but because she offers a glimpse into the man who just may.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Despair is setting in as it's 6-1 in the top of the 4th!! although I'm not expecting much sympathy outside the tri-state area. But while I'm staring disbelievingly at my TV screen, I did find time to locate the Teresa H-K comments about the First Lady...apparently not a calculated effort to win over the non-gazillionheiress, stay at home/soccer/security mom vote...if only the MSM would report all of the Kerrys unscripted remarks a landslide victory for the President would be assured. If you have a moment, take a peek at Reaganesque, a perfectly wonderful blog by a 17 year old SoCal student who displays more insight and wisdom than most twice her age.
I meant to post re Hannity's interview of Sam Donaldson today, which strips away any pretense of objectivity by anyone buried so far in one political camp can unbiasedly view any election related topic is beyond the abilities of human nature... I was shocked by Donaldson's feeble justifications for the Kedwards fearmongering re social security, the draft and minority voter "suppression." When asked why Kedwards hasn't produced any facts to support the claim, e.g., that Republicans were working to "suppress" the African-American vote, the response was something along the lines of, "well...I'm sure the Kerry/Edwards people believe it to be true..." I believe the moon is made out of green cheese. I'm certainly entitled to believe it with all my heart. But if I'm going to attack my political opponent with that factoid, I'd hope some media type had the integrity to call me on it and at least ask for the NASA study, or even a Polaroid, that tends to support my position. Anyway, I don't have the frame of mind to further rant as I am gearing up to watch what may be the greatest major league baseball postseason collapse of all time by my favorite team to their mortal foes...and I'm not a Cards fan.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Many thanks to Hugh Hewitt for linking my take on this election to his "Vox Blogoli IV". It's a distinct honor to even be referenced in passing on his site. The Fox News poll is good news for supporters of the President and another ray of hope that a majority of the electorate will not be hornswaggled by the Kedwards distortion machine...even as they speak in French. But don't get complacent. Expect more dirt, low blows and outrageous lies as the gap widens and the fever-swampers become more desperate. Til tomorrow...

Monday, October 18, 2004


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Why vote for Bush and what's wrong with Kerry? My daughter will be thirteen soon. She just began 7th grade...junior high...another benchmark event in her young life. She plays soccer on the weekends. Instant messages her girlfriends while watching Hilary Duff on TV. Stays up late to finish history projects that should have been completed yesterday. Intentionally turns up the volume on the car radio when a "song" she knows her dad can't stand comes on. My responsibility as a father has always been to do my best to keep her safe, happy and protect her from the dangers and threats that all too frequently present themselves these days in 21st century America. Until 911, the experiences of my lifetime gave me no pause to worry about my daughter's safety from threats external to our neighborhood, much less external to our country. Now the status quo is vastly different. What was planned and carried out in Beslan, is being planned to be carried out on our one of our elementary schools...using our children as fodder for a medieval ideology resurrected in our otherwise modern world. President Bush understands this threat to our my 12 year old daughter and her innocent friends. President Bush understands that everything changed after 911. He knows that the battle must be taken to the terrorists and that these monsters must be defeated whatever the cost or burden. He is willing to patiently and methodically eliminate them no matter how long it takes and irrespective of the offended sensibilities of those, domestic or foreign, who don't share our interests,. John Kerry doesn't get it. He does not comprehend that those who slaughter innocents while believing they are doing some bizarre deity's work will stop at nothing until their goals are achieved. No father can guarantee his children's safety, but he can do everything reasonably possible to make the odds as favorable as they can be. After that, it's in God's hands. President Bush is not this nation's paternal figure head, but he is our commander in chief charged with the duty to protect this country from attack. He understands what needs to be done. John Kerry hasn't a clue.