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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Another Example of Liberal Lack of Integrity

I have been engaged in a give and take with a fever-swamp devotee who goes by Ms Liberty. This all started when I stumbled across her post regarding Dr. W. David Hager and repeating the urban legend that, among other things, he believes in healing through prayer, etc. No big deal except the same falsity was being presented as fact, namely, that Dr. Hager was/is/will be the Chair of the FDA Reproductive Health and Drug Advisory Committee. That is not the case inasmuch as the current Chair, a Dr. Guidice, sits until 6/30/06. Now to my point. Ms Liberty, like all good fever-swampers, is only interested in the end, not the means. Thus, any lie or demogogic exaggeration will do if it advances the cause, because the cause of creating anti-Bush sentiment is just. Her support for her assertion of the imminent elevation of Dr. Hager (the Horrible?) to the chair position was this. An anonymous letter from someone in Valencia, PA found in the "Letters to Leaders" section of What is happening here happens every day in the swamp and is sometimes referred to as "BDS" (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

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