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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Life Imitates Satire

I was talking to another radical right wing buddy of mine about the blatant foolishness, stupidity and, dare say, un-Americanism of the left when I had a thought. How about we collaborate on a short satire piece to make our point, you know, reductio ad absurdum...something like you might find in The Onion, but certainly not as clever. We came to the idea to have, oh...I don't know, a school administrator of some sort ban the reading of, oh...I don't know, the Declaration of Independence because it, oh, I don't know...contained references to "God" or the equally offensive term "Creator." Nah, too silly. Satire must be born of truth to be effective and no rationale, clear thinking person would believe that something as outlandish as that could happen in an American public school...or... could it? What's next? Only Monopoly money in the cafeteria?

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