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Monday, November 29, 2004

Movie Review

The lovely Mrs. RTH and I saw "Sideways" last night and it was well worth the almost ten dollars per ticket it costs now days to see a flick. No violence, no special effects, no graphic sex (except for a very brief, and funny, scene) and no gratuitous foul language (I don't believe the word "motherf#####" or any derivative thereof was used even once). Just a funny story, good dialogue and great acting...the kind of stuff you notice when you are not being distracted from no story, sophomoric dialogue and abysmal acting by nuclear explosions and well-endowed women inter-galactic killers. Paul Giamatti convincingly plays a likeable loser out for a week in the wine country with his soon-to-be-married likeable lout best friend played by Thomas Hayden Church (remember "Wings"?). If you like wine and wine-tasting, you will enjoy the backstory and maybe even recognize some of the wineries along the way, but Giamatti's understated performance is the gem.

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