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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Putting "Thanks" in Thanksgiving

Here is a heartwarming story for all you "BASS masters" out there about BASS founder Ray Scott visiting the troops in Iraq over Thanksgiving. Here are a few facts (and myths) re Thanksgiving: Myth: the Pilgrims left from England. Fact: they actually left from Holland after escaping persecution by King James. Myth: the Pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock. Fact: they actually may have made landfall at Cape Cod and then proceeded from there to Plymouth Rock. Fact: it took 66 days to make the journey across the Atlantic. Fact: one child was born during the voyage. Fact: the Mayflower was slightly larger than Columbus' Santa Maria (his largest) but carried almost 100 more people. Myth: the harvest feast ("Thanksgiving") was held the fourth Thursday of November. Fact: the three day feast took place sometime between September 21 and November 11. Fact: the Pilgrims landed in November of 1620 and by the following spring 46 of the 102 that had survived the voyage had died. Fact: there was no account of turkey being served!

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