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Friday, December 10, 2004

Mama Mia!! L'italiani Sono Anche Pazzo!!

My ancestral homeland, the land of the Vatican, Rome and countless popes and saints...a clearly historically Roman Catholic land... is at it again. This time instead of merely taking the word "Jesus" out of a hymn so as not to offend any Muslim listeners, an Italian elementary school decided to throw the Christ child out with the bath water and substitute "Little Red Riding Hood" for a traditional Nativity play regarding the story of Christmas. Why? So as not to offend any Muslim children. First question: Why would any Muslim children be offended? And if so, quite frankly so what? The real question that should be asked is, do they have any legitimate reason to be offended? Of course they don't. Second question: Why would this scenario not be played out in any Muslim country? Because there is none that allows the free and complete exercise of any religion within its borders other than Islam. The irony should be obvious.

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