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Monday, December 20, 2004

Monday Musings: No Tolerance For The Intolerant?

Here is an interesting article from the Daily Telegraph (London) about the ongoing debate over their "religious hatred" law. I've posted about this before but the following caught my eye: "Fiona Mactaggart, who is minister for race equality, has accused critics of the new law of a misunderstanding. It is not a blasphemy law, she says. You can say anything you like about the beliefs: what you will not be allowed to do is to insult the believers because of what they believe." Does George Orwell come to mind when you read that title? John Leo write about the denuding of the traditional Christmas displays and music at Macy's and Bloomingdale's in Manhattan. Having grown up in the New York Metropolitan area, I remember as a child being taken by my parents for a walk down Fifth Avenue to view the Christmas decorations and window displays. I remember the traditional Christmas carols playing on the department store PA systems. It's sad that my kids won't be able to experience this holiday in the same way, but instead something much more sterile. More stupidity at the University of Illinois where Christmas trees set up in residence dining halls had to be removed because it made some knucklehead "uncomfortable." And last, but certainly not least, now the PC-crowd apparently is not content to preach tolerance and inclusiveness. It will now be imposed by acts of...intolerance. Read about how nativity scenes and creches are being vandalized nationwide.

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