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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

More Examples Of Problems When You Don't Insist Upon Assimilation

Here are examples from Great Britain of what happens when there is no incentive or impetus placed upon immigrants to assimilate: a woman stabbed to death on her wedding day for planning to wed a divorced man, a girl killed because a love song was dedicated to her on the radio, a woman murdered for bringing dishonor upon her family...the crime? Having been raped. Here is the problem rearing its politically correct head again. The prosecuting authorities had been aware of these situations but had "been a bit sensitive" to them. In other words, looked the other way for fear of...all together now...OFFENDING anyone. Well, not just anyone since I don't expect the same level of "sensitivity" would be present if it was just your regular, pint-drinking, British ne'er do well doing the honor killings.

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