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Friday, December 10, 2004

Nation Building 101

Remember shortly after 9/11 when President Bush announced we were going into Afghanistan and remove the Taliban? What was the reaction from many on the left? We heard gloomy reminders of how both the British and the Soviets had found themselves mired on the snowy peaks (or was it in the rugged valleys?) of the forbidding Afghan terrain with no way out but to admit failure and slink away. That this war mongering administration must learn from history or be condemned to repeat it. didn't exactly pan out that way, but that didn't stop the naysayers on the left. Next was the prediction that there could never be free elections and the beginnings of a democratic process in Afghanistan. The tribalism, the warlords!! What was President Bush thinking that he could "democratize" a nation with no history, understanding or appreciation of the concept. Again, it didn't exactly pan out that way. Charles Krauthammer reminds us not only of the run-up to the first elections in Afghan history, but the deafening silence regarding this monumental accomplishment in the MSM.

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