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Monday, December 06, 2004

There Can Be No Peace Without Acceptance

Despite everyone's raised expectations of the potential for peace by way of "truce" both Hamas and Islamic Jihad have very clearly and unequivocally said there will be no cessation of their respective efforts to obliterate the state of Israel. There is a bright side to this. There seemed to be at least some prior moderation in the "death to Israel" rhetoric in light of the Sharon government's proposition to pull back from Gaza in 2005, perhaps evidencing a rift in the Palestinian leadership. However, as I have said multiple times in the past, there can be no realistic chance for peace if a significant percentage of the Palestinians are unwilling to accept non-violent, side-by-side co-existence with Israel. So long as a significant number hold the view that Israel today sits upon ancient "Palestine" and the ultimate goal is to retake their birth-right, there will never be peace. So long as the people willing to recruit suicide bombers, no matter how small in relative numbers they may be, are allowed to continue to operate, there will never be peace. And the only way to ultimately stop groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad is for the "moderate" Palestinians to do so. Look at it this way, if there was a violent movement afoot in Montana (the "Butte Jihad" ?) that believed the province of Alberta should be part of the United States, was unwilling to peacefully live side by side (I hope my geography is correct!) and began sending suicide bombers into Edmonton, popular opinion would be against these lunatics and we would expect our government to do whatever could be done to stop them. That's because the majority of Americans would not be sympathetic to these Montana terrorists and their aims. I fear, however, that the same can't be said of the majority of Palestinians with respect to the terrorist organizations acting on their purported behalf. If I am wrong on this and the true peaceful desires of the Palestinians have been hijacked by groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, please point me in the right direction.

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