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Friday, January 14, 2005

College Today: Good News and Bad News

City Journal has published a rather lengthy article by Brian Anderson detailing what appears to be a slow, but steady, move towards conservativism on college campuses. It paints an encouraging picture and is certainly worth at least skimming through. This led me to a term I had not heard before but has apparently been part of the college lexicon for some time now: "hooking up" -- defined as one-time sexual encounters with no intention of even talking to each other afterwards, much less repeating the experience. A Newsweek story describes this cultural highpoint in greater detail. The shocking thing (and believe me, I fully partook of the college experience) was reading the following: The early research confirms just how widespread the behavior has become. In 2000 Paul published what colleagues credit as the first academic article that explored college hookups in depth. Her survey of 555 undergrads found that 78 percent of students had hooked up, that they usually did so after consuming alcohol and that the average student had accumulated 10.8 hookup partners during college. Studies on other campuses produced similar numbers. Researchers at James Madison University found that 77.7 percent of women and 84.2 percent of men had hooked up, a process they said routinely involving "petting below the waist, oral sex or intercourse." As I have said repeatedly, with a 13 year old daughter at home, I am very, very concerned.

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