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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Equine Trivia and Cigars

Match the famous rider with his famous horse: A) Don Quixote B) Gandalf C) Lone Ranger D) Roy Rogers E) Custer F) Chief Sitting Bull G) George Washington 1) Magnolia 2) Blackie 3) Shadowfax 4) Silver 5) Rosinante 6) Trigger 7) Vic //////// //////// //////// //////// //////// A5, B3, C4, D6, E7, F2, G1 Another inexpensive and mild to medium-bodied cigar is the AVO XO INTERMEZZO. It's a 5.5" with a 50 ring gauge (remember, 50/64ths of an inch diameter). Cigar Aficionado gave it an 89 rating and you should be able to find them for between $6 and $8 each, less expensive if you buy by the box. If you are looking to buy cigars by the box, I'd recommend visiting for some of the lowest box prices I've come across recently.

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