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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Facts is Facts...

Maybe I'm not nuanced enough, but when did the simple acknowledgement of an historical fact become tantamount to "exclusion" or "offense"? I have traveled to Europe twice in the last two years, and will be going again in May, and only perhaps "differently-sighted" tourists could miss the fact that the countrysides are generously dotted with churches, cathedrals and chapels. There is no question that Christianity played a major role in the shaping of European history for the last two thousand years or so...good, bad or indifferent. The acknowledgement of that in the EU constitution should not be a problem An historical fact cannot, by definition, work to "exclude" anyone from anything, no more so than it can serve to "offend" anyone living in the modern day. Acknowledging that Christians were persecuted by the Romans apparently did not serve to exclude Roman Catholics from what became modern-day Italy, and no one there seems "offended" by that fact. I should no more be offended by an accurate statement of history than by the fact that two plus two equals four.

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