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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Heisenberg Effect-or-Stupid Professor Tricks

Our educators at work [Hat tip: LGF]: A Colgate University visiting professor of peace studies has negotiated a deal to be "embedded" in a fighting force in Iraq in order to study and interview its members. Army Rangers? Nope. Navy Seals? Nada. She'll be running with one of Iraq's "resistance groups" otherwise known as "insurgents" but best described as "terrorists". So she'll be right down there with them when they, what? Blow up a busload of Iraqi voters? Set off an IED (improvised explosive device) as one of our troop carriers drives by? And when this is about to happen, will she do anything at all to try to stop the carnage of innocents or the killing of our soldiers? This is a situation where the sociological equivalent of the quantum physics concept known as the "Heisenberg Effect" would apply. The act of having a Western observer present will change what is being observed...until they decide to behead her.

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