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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I haven't posted on the CBS/Rathergate report because, to me, what happens to the execs and reporters who perpetrated this fraud is driven by internal and external political considerations. The only relevant point is the undeniable conlusion that the memos were modern-day forgeries. The rest, including who knew what and when did they know it, is spin. The argument over whether political animus against President Bush drove the story is only a viable debate among those with an agenda...of course a liberal media outlet like CBS would be populated by liberal employees and execs who did not want to see a Bush re-election. The story was as thin as tissue paper but CBS ran with it nevertheless. Why do you think that was? However, the more I hear about the content of the report (which admittedly I have read but excerpts), the more it appears that its authors were unwilling to take that last step and call it what it was...a fraud. This is despite the fact that the investigatory panel's own expert, Peter Tytell, called a spade a spade and concluded that the memos were forgeries. Please read the entire Daily Standard column by Jonathan Last.

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