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Sunday, January 16, 2005

"Steeped In The Gloom Of Ignorance": What Is Really Going On In Iraq

I've linked to a post by Lt Col Tim Ryan, a Task Force Commander in Iraq that MUST be read by anyone who cares about the truth (Hat tip: LGF). I have always believed that the MSM, being philosophically anti-war and certainly anti-Bush, only report the negative because it fit the agenda they wish to promote. What is disappointing is that many of the left-leaning bloggers out there accept without reservation the continual "little picture" reporting of bad news as reflective of the greater reality, but make no effort to listen to what persons who are actually in Iraq full-time have to say. Here are the closing words by Lt Col Ryan: This war is not without its tragedies; none ever are. The key to the enemy's success is use of his limited assets to gain the greatest influence over the masses. The media serves as the glass through which a relatively small event can be magnified to international proportions, and the enemy is exploiting this with incredible ease. There is no good news to counteract the bad, so the enemy scores a victory almost every day. In its zeal to get to the hot spots and report the latest bombing, the media is missing the reality of a greater good going on in Iraq. We seldom are seen doing anything right or positive in the news. People believe what they see, and what people of the world see almost on a daily basis is negative. How could they see it any other way? These images and stories, out of scale and context to the greater good going on over here, are just the sort of thing the terrorists are looking for. This focus on the enemy's successes strengthens his resolve and aids and abets his cause. It's the American image abroad that suffers in the end. Ironically, the press freedom that we have brought to this part of the world is providing support for the enemy we fight. I obviously think it's a disgrace when many on whom the world relies for news paint such an incomplete picture of what actually has happened. Much too much is ignored or omitted. I am confident that history will prove our cause right in this war, but by the time that happens, the world might be so steeped in the gloom of ignorance we won't recognize victory when we achieve it. If you read nothing else today, please read all of this.

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