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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just Another Run Of The Mill Event Cancelled Because Of Red-Tape

This is the kind of thing that just, as my military buddies would say, torques my skivvies. Look here at A Daily Briefing on Iran for a story about the cancellation after protest of an Iranian government sponsored event at the Bethesda Marriott. The event was called "Twenty Sixth Anniversary of the Glorious Victory of the Islamic Revolution and Death to America Day" Now, I'm perfectly happy with the fact that an Iranian government sponsored hate-fest was short circuited. My skivvies are twisted for the following reason: Visit the link to the WaPo story about this development and tell me if you can find any reference to the "Death to America" part. Instead, it is described as a "celebration...marking the 26th anniversary of the Islamic revolution..." Why, oh why, would the reporter/editor leave that interesting tidbit out of the story? Any ideas? Hay tip: LGF

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