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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Random Thoughts

I heard a caller on a talk radio program today offer an incitefully brilliant take on Sen. Dick Durbin's non-apology apology, or as Ann Coulter puts it, the standard leftist politician's "if/ then" apology...if I offended you, then I apologize...obviously suggesting that most clear thinking people would not be offended by the remarks. Anyway, this guy made the point that Durbin was in actuality being sincere when he apologized if he had offended anyone. In the world of today's liberals, the worst thing you can do is to cause offense. Countless hours are spent in sensitivity training or, if too late, courtrooms arguing over just how offended someone was by another's comments or actions. It doesn't matter if the words spoken are demonstrably true, or demonstrably false. That is largely irrelevant and subordinate to the fact that someone may have taken offense. That's why liberal administrators at our colleges will pull down Christmas trees in a heartbeat if they even get a whiff that someone may feel offended by a display of the dominant religion in this country. Indeed, to avoid potential or hypothetical offense, we go about changing the names of team mascots from something noble like "Braves" or "Warriors" to something supposedly inoffensive like "Birchtrees" before there is even a complaint made. There is absolutely no time spent pondering the logical question whether the offendee has a legitimate right to actually be offended. So I agree with the talk show caller who concluded that Durbin was in fact honest in his statement of apology to anyone who may have taken offense, because that is what liberals do...worry about who may be offended rather than whether the comments are defamatory, outrageous or just plain stupid. Unfortunately, he obviously still believes that our military is no better than the SS or the KGB. For that, he remains unrepentant.

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