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Friday, October 07, 2005

Bill Bennett Redux

I can't believe I missed such an obvious point, but that's why Jonah Goldberg writes for National Review and I don't. In the mischaracterizations of Bennett's comments, he has been accused of advocating the killing or extermination of all black "babies." Well, for the sake of argument let's put aside the gross misstatement of his hypothetical and recall what he said. He said we could theoretically reduce the crime rate by having African-American women abort their unborn. When did aborting a "fetus" suddenly become killing or murdering a "baby" in the mind of all of these pro-choice liberals? Presumably the next time Ted Kennedy (or anyone else who excoriated Bill Bennett) weighs in on the abortion debate one can point out his agreement with the proposition that abortion is equivalent to murdering a baby. No?

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