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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Parents are not allowed to have their child opt out of a gay marriage KINDERGARTEN!

Parents in Lexington, Massachusetts have been denied the right to allow their child to opt out of classes that teach gay marriage and surprise here the ACLU in Massachusetts says the school is on sound legal ground to force the parents to have their child participate. The ACLU of Massachusetts is quoted as saying, in defense of the school decision to not allow parents to opt out,..."public education would grind to a halt if parents had the right to demand classes tailored to each child based on the parent's moral views." But in fact, all these parents have asked for is that their own child not participate in the program...they are not trying to get rid of the program. What shocks me is that these are parents of a five year-old KINDERGARTENER who was sent home with a "Diversity Book Bag" with one of the books inside entitled "Who's in a family?," teaching about homosexuality and gay marriage. I was lucky just to know all the names of the people in my own family let alone understand the differences between mine and everyone else's family at the age of 5. It is kind of understood from what my friends in the gay community have told me is that five years old is the time to teach "gay and straight" because most gay men believe that is when they first felt they were gay. I had yet to acknowledge my body parts by that age...but who knows. The media there has said these parents are "oversensitive" and "intolerant" and said that these parents "will next will be trying to censor books like 'James and the Giant Peach.'" The parents have filed suit.

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