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Monday, October 17, 2005

This story just made me laugh...and a nice reality check

Talk about men knowing their limitations... The Rolling Stones on the next tour...they're not worried about groupies or drugs or looking for a heart stoppin' good time is all about the music...just being glad they can still perform together...and just staying alive...literally. On their next tour the Rolling Stones insist on having a defibrillator backstage during all performances...just in case. While on the other hand...some performers do not know their limitations and will not let their glory days die...Sylvester Stallone is actually going to make a Rocky 6. Didn't he have brain damage in the last one? Sylvester Stallone is 59 years old...maybe he should have a defibrillator next to the rink in this next least to make it more believable.

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