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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The ACLU Strikes To Prevent Violation Of Laptop Computer Rights

In this burgeoning technological age, it is unrealistic to not expect to introduce that technology into our public schools as a learning tool and to prepare our children for this digital age. My local elementary school district has instituted a "Laptops For Learning" program that provides laptop computers for students to use at school and home. The cost to most families is about $490 per school year for three years. However, depending upon the availability of grants and financial assistance, parents who may not be able to afford the full cost can get help. If a family simply cannot afford the laptop under any circumstance, the child will be placed into a classroom where laptops are not used. Who has a problem with this? The ACLU who has threatened the district presumably because the "rights" of those who cannot afford laptops (or simply don't want to spend the money) are being violated. If you're troubled by this, take a moment and visit Stop The ACLU.

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