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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Apologists Please Explain

Dennis Prager referred me (OK, not personally) to the latest from regarding political and social freedom through the countries of the world: Of the states with an Islamic majority [total of 47], only one, Mali, is rated Free. Only 11 of the 47 nations (23 percent) with an Islamic majority have democratically elected governments. In the non-Islamic world, which comprises 145 states, 110 are electoral democracies (75 percent). Democracy and freedom remain the least rooted in the Middle East's 14 countries. Israel is the only country rated Free (7 percent). Three states--Turkey, Jordan, and Kuwait--are Partly Free (21 percent), and 10 are Not Free (71 percent). Israel and Turkey are the only electoral democracies (14 percent of the country total) in the region. Is it therefore so difficult to conclude that those who kill and maim and burn in the name of Islam are working for something antithetical to our Western ideals? UPDATE: it was correctly pointed out that the data i'm referencing was from 2001 (i didn't notice)...i will check to see if the trend is the same, better or worse and then get back...

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