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Monday, November 14, 2005

Bad Joke Of The Day

President Bush has authorized the Joint Chiefs of Staff to begin drawing up a battle plan to pull France's butt out of the fire yet again. Facing an apparent overwhelming force of up to 400 boisterous teenagers, Mr. Bush openly doubted France's ability to hold out much longer. "If the last two world wars are any indication, I would expect France to surrender any day now", said Bush. Joint Chiefs head, Gen. Peter Pace, warned the President that it might be necessary to send up to 5 marines to get the disturbance under control. The general admitted that 5 marines might be overkill, but he wanted to get the matter handled within 24 hours of the troops arriving on scene. President Bush asked Gen. Pace to withdraw the marines as soon as possible after order was restored. He also reminded Gen. Pace to make sure the marines did not take soap, razors, or deodorant with them. The more they blend in with the native population, the better in the President's view. [Hat tip: SFH]

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