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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

But The Food Remains Unsurpassed And The Antiquities Are Marvelous!

Where is there a relentlessly rising crime rate which has, in many categories, overtaken the U.S.? Try Europe, that hotbed of gun laws and social safety nets, and where there is no take matters into your own hands "cowboy" mentality. All this is discussed in a piece by Gerard Alexander: The latest figures, scattered from 2000 to 2005, suggest that more assaults are committed per capita in England than in America, while Swedes, Norwegians, and Dutch experience roughly the same assault rates as Americans. Robberies (which involve force or the threat of force) are as common in England and the Netherlands as in the United States. Theft rates have surged ahead of the United States in Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, and Norway. Separately, auto thefts are now a European specialty, with Scandinavians, Brits, French, and Italians worse off than Americans. And the U.S. burglary rate is now lower than those in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Britain.

Note: What was that about strict gun laws reducing crime? As someone has said before, we don't have a gun problem...we have a morality problem.


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