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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Can I Recover?

I have avoided posting on this issue because it depresses me. Out here in CA, all of the Arnold backed initiatives failed. Parental notification (not consent) for abortions for minors, redistricting by retired judges rather than politicians, fiscal curbs and brakes on spending, and five, rather than two years before public school teachers can get tenure (and, for all practical purposes, lifetime employment). My disappointment lies not so much in the outcome, although I was in favor of all four, but in the dishonesty that either could not be seen through by the general electorate, or which was recognized but found to be less significant than beating back anything believed to have been proposed by a putative Republican governor. One at a time. Parents must provided consent (not just be given notice) for their minor kids to get tattoos, ear or other body part piercings, go to a suntan salon, have any other kind of surgery, bring an Advil to school or go on a field trip to a museum. But not to have nascent lives surgically yanked out of their young uteri (Can you tell where I stand on this issue?). The fact that a young girl will do it anyway is a non-sequitur. They may get tattoos or piercings or tans anyway. The issue is the right of the fit parent to have control and influence over the raising of their child. Not the fears of the abortion lobby of any sort of restriction opening the door to further restrictions. The argument against allowing a panel of retired judges to perform redistricting was that it was a "power grab" by politicians. How stupid is that? Quite, since the status quo is that those very same politicians do the redistricting now. This reform would have taken power away from the pols, not given them more. Gray Davis was recalled because of the lack of fiscal restraint he presided over, including sweetheart deals to public employee unions. Gov. Arnold is swept into office to fix this problem but his effort to do so is subsequently rejected by the very same electorate. He is accused of cutting the education budget. Well, the state education budget is $3 billion more this year than it was last year. What he did was to not increase it as much as was planned. Put it this way. If you were hoping for a fifty percent raise but only got twenty-five percent, would you be complaining that your household budget had been cut from the previous year? Where in the private sector can you be entitled to lifetime employment at all, much less after having "proven" yourself for all of two years (actually, about 18 months if you are a teacher)? I am a bit of an expert in employment law and I can assure you it is virtually impossible to fire a teacher without spending several hundred thousand bucks in legal fees to do so. The type of job security tenure (which, by the by, generally requires about 7 years of service if you are a college professor) provides is about the same kind I have as a partner in a law firm. Would you hand out partnership after two years of employment? It is very disappointing that decisions have been made based clearly upon either abysmal self-education or purposeful partisanship.

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