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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Clarence Thomas Not Really African-American

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has editorialized that Justice Clarence Thomas is a black man "with an asterisk." In less polite terms, he is an "Uncle Tom", an "Oreo cookie", a "house nigger" because he doesn't "represent the views of mainstream black America." In other words, he's not black enough...he's too beholden to whitey...he's a sell out. This is simply reprehensible garbage that is spewed almost daily by the left, but goes unchallenged and uncriticized by the MSM. Forget that Justice Thomas is a brilliant jurist (and for you critics out there, before you start in on his supposed lack of ability, ask yourself by way of comparison what do you know about David Souter and his portfolio of work). Since when did understanding and applying the Constitution of the United States require that you be able to "represent the views" of a constituency? This is a perfect example of where the left just doesn't get it. The Supreme Court is NOT there to represent any particular group or individual. That's the job of elected representatives. Justice is to be blind to the status or characteristics or desires of the litigant, not subject to the vagaries whatever is defined as "mainstream" at that particular moment.

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