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Monday, November 14, 2005

I Left My Heart In San Francisco....My Brain Elsewhere

The City by the Bay voted 60-40% to ban military recruitment from high schools and colleges. This largely symbolic gesture nevertheless raises a number of points. The people behind this ballot measure (and those who voted overwhelming in favor of it) presumably would be in favor of such a ban actually having the effect of law, thereby preventing our military from recruiting in San Francisco. It is also reasonable to presume that these same proponents would be tickled pink if every city (and state) viewed this issue as they do. That being the logical case, these folks are in essence saying that our military should be prevented from seeking personnel to be part of our armed services. That means they are either for the re-institution of the draft (not likely) or for the eventually erosion of our entire military force (likely). Remember people: U.S. military...bad. North Korean, Iraqi (pre-downfall of Saddam), Syrian, Iranian, Chinese military...good.

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