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Saturday, November 05, 2005

If I Had Only Had A Role Model Like Sam Alito When I Was Young I May Have Aspired To Become An Attorney Or A Judge...Oh, Wait...I Am An Attorney...

The ethnic angle regarding the Sam Alito nomination is refuted in this piece by Duncan Currie ("Italians for Bush"). My overly lengthy and non-elegant title tries to make the point that I'm not sure about this ethnic role modeling stuff. Do kids become doctors because they knew of a physician growing up that looked like them or had their same heritage? Or were they simply taken by that person's abilities and personality? I didn't choose my career because I was surrounded by Italian-American attorneys. Quite frankly, I'm not sure why I chose it, but I certainly didn't know of any attorneys or judges that shared my heritage. Like most kids, I wanted to be first a pro baseball player and then a pro basketballer. My role model-heroes? Mickey Mantle and Walt Frazier. I wanted to be like them, but certainly not because their people were from Napoli. I just admired their abilities, attitude and lifestyles (obviously not knowing enough about the Mick at the time).

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