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Friday, November 18, 2005

Just Another Average Day...Allah Be Blessed

Suicide bombers kill 74 Shiite worshippers at two mosques in Baghdad. Most likely at the hands of their Sunni brothers. Couple of questions here. When our military, engaged in a firefight with "insurgents", pursue them to a mosque in which they have taken cover and...the horror, the horror...shoot back at them, there is "outrage" in the Muslim world over our "desecration" of a holy site. Our left wing dominated media begins hand-wringing in earnest over the propriety of our barbarous and insensitive conduct. However, I can't quite hear the opprobrium coming from our media and directed against this Muslim-on-Muslim violence, nor the anguish from Islamic leaders calling for a halt to this particular outrage. Explain to me again who the "infidels" are in the above scenario, and why?

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