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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Keep your sons "butch" and your daughters "prissy" and you just might stop them from being "Gay"

I am preparing for a seminar on Homosexuality and it role in Churches. I have had the neat opportunity on a couple of occasions to be asked by my ex-priest/professors and few other odds 'n ends professors, just six of us, to do one day workshops for lay people and/or clergy on different topics a group wants. It is some of the most fun I have ever had. As an ex-seminary student I still get the opportunity to know all of my former prof's who keep me around for the "x" factor opinion as the only non self proclaimed liberal and non-professor (but probably should've been since I really have not been as good at anything since, I was studying Theology in graduate school). I was researching my portion of the discussion I have to argue which is...just because you are "born gay" does not mean science has pre-determined you will be gay, just maybe predisposed you. Our genes or genetic markers say a lot of things about us, but that does not mean we become everything our DNA says. Whether or not I am right, I found some interesting studies on why being born gay is not in and of itself why you become gay that I have never heard before...and are awfully compelling. I never read these studies in the LA Times or Newsweek who did stories on gay research. One article I am using as a talking point is the evidence from the latest and best of the identical twin studies. A study of same sex attraction in twins done by Columbia and Yale in 2002. The study concluded that "LESS GENDERED SOCIALIZATION" in childhood not genetic or hormonal influences, plays the dominate role in the development of the same-sex attraction. From 0-13 if you keep your child's socialization gender specific it is empowering to your child's sexual idenity and more indicative of what they will become than what your child's DNA tells you. The best line I read was, in fact, NURTURE BECOMES NATURE when this type of socialization occurs. Just like you learn to pee in the toilet rather than your underpants becomes your nature. The researchers noted that "if same-sex romantic attraction has a genetic component, it is massively overwhelmed by other factors." I found this in the American Journal of Sociology (2002) article called "Opposite-Sex Twins and Adolescent Same Sex Attractions." Another study done by two pro-homosex scientists conceded that despite common assertions to the contrary, there is no intrinsic link between what is caused biologically/genetically and what is moral. The scientists stated biological causation does not automatically mean there is a clear conclusion that the the legality or morality of a behavior can be made from the mere fact the cause is biological, because all behavior is biologically caused, both normal and abnormal, hetero and homo. Such common sense!...and rare to find it published in the mainstream because all the mainstream research that I found published in Time or Newsweek did not even mention a "nurture over nature" argument. Wish me luck this works out in Santa Cruz this weekend...I must have a death wish to be the one this time with this position speaking so close to San Francisco.

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