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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Muslims Burn Churches In India...They Must Be Marginalized

The difference between me and Hagar the Horrible is not that I don't take offense or become insulted or believe myself to occasionally be the victim of an injustice. The difference is how my culture places limitations on my reaction and response versus his society's acceptance of violent and immediate response. Read here about 2000 Muslims in India organizing in order to burn churches, convents, schools and homes of pastors and priests. Motivated by what? The usual...perceived blasphemy of Islam: Muslim clerical leaders yesterday called their flocks to gather outside the Jamia Madni Masjid central mosque where they urged them to attack the Christians. In fiery speeches, the leaders provoked the mob to set to fire each and every Christian place of worship. I would like someone wiser than I to please explain why this sort of conduct, which occurs daily throughout the Muslim world, is not "mainstream" and why it could not happen here (since it apparently is already happening in France and other parts of Europe). If any number of Roman Catholic priests, or Protestant archbishops, called upon their flocks to do any of the acts regularly performed by Muslims at the behest of their clerical leaders, there would be immediate and ongoing denunciation, and some very pointed questions regarding what has happened to "our" religions. I don't imagine Newsweek would be speaking in terms of Catholicism having been "hijacked" by a radical minority.

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