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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Paul McCartney doesn't like Bush...who'da thunk it?

Last night I went to see Paul McCartney for the first time ever for me at the Pond in Anaheim, CA. It looked more like a Frank Sinatra concert in the section I was sitting, but we are all getting older. The group I was with was fortunate enough to know a guy on the crew and security so we went in early and what did I see... Political stands inside the Pond. I do not know if they were all over or just in this one area. The first pamphlet handed to me was "The Lies the Bush Republicans told me...#1...Bush lied to get us into IRAQ. #2 Bush is only driven by cronyism. #3 The war is fought for Bush's oil and gun friends to get rich." Now when I saw this I figured "oh boy...I hope he is not going to preach behind his microphone all night." In fact he didn't at all other than remind us about cruelty to animals and not to eat meat...thankfully. He had a disclaimer I read that all stands other the ones selling his t-shirts, etc. were not necessarily stating his views. He just allows in whatever his local fan clubs support, and if most of them are hippies then I guess they have more stands at his concerts. He did have one t-shirt that was cute with Bush on it holding up 2 fingers... for his two terms saying, "I bet you'll vote next time...Hippie..." The only part where Paul gave himself away was at the end when he said he loved all of us, California etc. but please VOTE in 2006 if we think this coutnry is going to hell in a handbasket because voting is the only way to get us out of the mess we're in...I guess he just couldn't resist. Otherwise it was fantastic. I think I almost cried twice during a couple songs. On a side was mentioned to me by Ric that loud noises on a fetus are not so good. I am 6 and 1/2 months pregnant right now, but I didn't really believe that statement. Well my kid who is a boy was going crazy in there all night for the first time in my entire 6 months. Everyone thought I was standing up to dance but really I coudn't sit down. But maybe the kid was just irritated by the political atmosphere rather than the music. Although he did seem to calm down when Paul finished with "Hey Jude." That was when I teared up a little I think too.

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