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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick Question

There always comes to mind (at least my mind) a question or two about the many issues of the day that never seems to be asked. For example, a filmmaker has produced a documentary with the conclusion that Saddam clearly had WMD, and proposes that the question we should be asking is, where did these weapons go? I've always wanted to ask a similar question to those who argue that either our intelligence was faulty or that "Bush lied." Inasmuch as we know without a doubt that he had, for example, chemical weapons (ask the Kurds), don't you think it a bit odd that we didn't even find these chemical WMDs, or convincing traces, we know he had manufactured and possessed? Wouldn't that suggest Saddam destroyed, buried and/or exported his WMD in the long months that passed while the U.N. dithered around?

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