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Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Stuff

How I went from a Large Mammal to a Marauding Marsupial overnight, I just don't know... Pilfered from Hugh Hewitt: Thomas Sowell said during a Fox News interview: "Why are other people bound to do for you what you won't do for yourself?" Great point. No question we should be responsible for the less fortunate among us, but simply being in a less fortunate position should not be the end of the inquiry. Maybe a few questions re how and why you have found yourself in this spot, how many opportunities did you squander on your way down, and do you recognize the continuing obligation to those who are helping you back up? Democrats are children in suits, and make no bones about it. Sadly, people that want to lead are explaining prior, and now unpopular-to-their-base, positions in favor of the war in Iraq as the result of tidal waves and "stampedes" and political pressure. So what they are telling us is put us in charge even though we have demonstrated the exact opposite of the ability to lead.

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