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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Welcome To UAW-World

So far this year, GM has lost $4 billion. It's market share has fallen while that of Toyota and Honda has risen. It has 2.5 retirees per worker and pays out about $1500 in benefit costs per vehicle (Toyota pays out about $300 per vehicle). It has had to drop plans to modernize its engines. As a consequence, GM is downsizing by cutting its workforce by 10% and closing nine North American plants. The UAW response? These actions are "extremely disappointing, unfair and unfortunate." [left out by my reckoning, "...just because our union-negotiated contracts for pay and benefits are making GM uncompetitive in a global marketplace is no reason for it to try and improve its business position if it requires the least bit of sacrifice by our members. GM should be prevented from layoffs and from in any manner reducing wages and/or benefits. We're going to ride this bad boy right into the ground if we must and then collect our extremely generous, union negotiated pension benefits. Bastards.]

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