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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What's Wrong With These People: Chapter ??

If you are not familiar with the Middle East Media Research Institute, you should. It provides a glimpse into what is being broadcast by state controlled networks in various countries in the Middle East, with translations from the Arabic. With a hat tip to LGF, here's a clip (#906) and transcript of a children's cartoon broadcast in Saudi Arabia. Sponge Bob, it's not. The kids in the cartoon, after watching a parent killed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), vow to exact revenge. How? By strapping explosives to their waists and... "Abd Al-Rahman's aunt: Farewell, my dear ones. God willing, you'll be successful. Go, my children. Do not let the enemy beat you. Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine. [...] Dawn breaks. Jassem: We are near the border, where the Zionists want to pass. We will attack them in accordance with our plan. May God be with you, brothers. I now our mission is a hard one, but with God's help we must stop this bloodthirsty enemy. If there are no questions, assume your positions. Karim and Abd Al-Rahman, you wait here. Here, these are for you. Your role in this operation is very important. While the others are keeping the Israeli soldiers busy, you must throw grenades at them. Abd Al-Rahman waits for an Israeli military convoy to pass by, and ties a string of grenades around his waist. Jassem: Brothers, get ready. They are coming. Abd Al-Rahman: I place my trust in God. Allah Akbar." Now if you were Chris Matthews, you'd anguish over what did we do to push them to the point where they indoctrinate their children...their children for God's (not Allah's) sake! become suicide bombers. The real point is that there is a completely different value system at work here that has nothing to do with the nature of the provocation. Our fatal misunderstanding is that all cultures and all peoples are just like us. Therefore, we analyze from our mindset and ask the question what could drive us to send our children off to kill themselves, and then feel pride in the aftermath. Wrong and irrelevant question. The tribal culture, that is most of the Middle East, is more concerned with what is best for the group rather than what is right or wrong. The reason you or I would never for a nanosecond contemplate sending our 13 year olds off to blow themselves up, and take as many with them as possible, is because IT IS WRONG. If someone was responsible for killing most of my family, I would still not send my 13 year old daughter, C-4 in pockets, off to kill herself and as many others as, "God-willing", she could. That's the difference between us and them. They may be perfectly delightful hosts when you happen to visit, opening your home and their hospitality to you, but when it comes to matters of what we consider to be basic morality, their thinking is not only wrong, but evil. Does that make the person evil? That's a discussion for a different day.

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