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Thursday, December 29, 2005

NSA Intercepts: The Keystone Question

I'm taking a quick break from evaluating more mundane legal questions to make a point that just crossed my mind. For those who want to understand why the electronic monitoring ("wiretap" is an anachronistic description in this instance) of certain conversations without a warrant is not illegal, know this: There is absolutely no question whatsoever...WHATSOEVER...that if Osama bin Laden was making a phone call to someone in New York City, the President would have the authority (certainly under the AUMF ("Authorization for Use of Military Force") as well as most likely under the Executive branch's inherent authority) to listen to his phone conversation without the benefit of a warrant. Therefore, the argument goes, it makes no difference whether the communication originates from a cave in Pakistan or ends in that cave, so long as it is a communication with our wartime enemies. OK. Take it from there.

My Burnout Is Back!

Just when I thought it was safe to return to the blog-pool, I come across this. A California school district had its 7th graders participate in a three week long "Becoming Muslim" exercise. The kids had to wear Muslim "attire" [is there "Christian attire"?], recite Muslim prayers and observe the "five pillars" of the Muslim faith. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision that this program was not unconstitutional. Ask yourself this question: if the school district had spent three weeks on a forced study of Christianity, what do you think would have happened?

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet...

I've been blogging slowly these days, a bit burned out in part from the over-the-top commentary on the NSA intercepts by folks who are ignorant of the law (deliberately, or otherwise). Therefore, it was heartening to read about the latest polling data showing 64% of Americans believe that the NSA should be monitoring communications between al-Qaeda and its agents in this country. Remember, we are talking about communications either from overseas or to an overseas location with one of the parties being an al-Qaeda operative! We're not talking about calls to my Zia in Naples. The NY Times op-ed (!!) gets it right that the purpose of this monitoring is not to build a criminal prosecution but is for national security purposes in time of war.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Women Have Certain Inalienable Rights...So Long As The Menfolk Are OK With Them

As I plunge headlong into the second half of the winter festival, my ability to post is somewhat diminished. As is my ability to reason, some would say. Nevertheless, I can still spot irony when I read it.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Aldrich Ames + Bill Clinton = Warrantless Searches (And No Left Wing Outrage)

Remember Aldrich Ames, the CIA operative who was spying for the Soviet Union? Well, there were two searches made of his home, both warrantless and both authorized by the Clinton Administration. Explaining the rationale for doing so, someone said: "...the president has inherent authority to conduct warrantless physical searches for foreign intelligence purposes...[and] if the Justice Department tried to meet all the strict rules imposed on police in criminal matters, it would unduly frustrate America's counter-intelligence efforts." "Physical searches to gather foreign intelligence depend on secrecy. If the existence of these searches were known to the foreign power targets, they would alter their activities to render the information useless." Who was that "someone"? Jamie Gorelick, Clinton's deputy attorney general.

The Sickness Spreads...Actually It Was Always There, We Just Ignore It

Now we have two Middle Eastern politicos declaring that the Holocaust is a "myth." The head of Egypt's opposition party said yesterday: "Western democracy has attacked everyone who does not share the vision of the sons of Zion as far as the myth of the Holocaust is concerned" It is very, very troubling that as Islamist parties throughout the Middle East go "legitimate" there true colors go on display. The reality is that a large percentage of Muslims despise Israel and hate Jews. Not just the fanatics who think nothing of going on a killing rampage, but teachers, dentists and businessmen as well. I have been told be persons that travel throughout the Middle East that otherwise normal, levelheaded family men and women will invariably begin discussing the "plague" of the Jews and that they must all be exterminated and Israel destroyed. That's the part we don't want to get. That otherwise average-appearing persons going about their lives much like you and I, harbor just beneath the surface a seething animosity that, in their world, is the Middle Eastern equivalent of "American as apple pie."

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why No Headlines?

If the domino trends in Eastern Europe and Latin America are any indication, Iraqi democracy will prove more destabilizing to theocratic Iran than the latter is to the new Iraq. Indeed, the only alternative choice besides the bad one of taking out the Iranian nuclear complex and the worse one of letting it mature to Armageddon, is hoping that democratic fervor spreads across the border from Iraq. Victor Davis Hanson hits the nail on the head...again.

What's Wrong With These People...

This is what passes for political discussion on Iranian television, as well as elsewhere in the Middle East. Holocaust denial and "blood libel" stories (i.e. the killing by Jews of non-Jewish children for their blood for use in baking Passover matzoh): Host: "Were there six million Jews at all at that time, who could have been annihilated in the crematoria?" Hasan Hanizadeh: "First of all, this figure is greatly exaggerated. The number of Jews in the world does not exceed 12 million. Only now, 57 years later, has it reached this figure. Clearly, at that time, considering the dispersion of the Jews, there could not have been six million Jews in Europe alone. In any event, the Zionist lobby and the Jewish Agency use this issue as a club with which they beat and extort the West. "Unfortunately, the West has forgotten two horrendous incidents, carried out by the Jews in 19th-century Europe - in Paris and London, to be precise. In 1883, about 150 French children were murdered in a horrible way in the suburbs of Paris, before the Jewish Passover holiday. Later research showed that the Jews had killed them and taken their blood. This event caused riots in Paris back then, and the French government found itself under pressure. "A similar incident took place in London, when many English children were killed by Jewish rabbis. These two incidents still haunt the minds and souls of the Europeans, but due to the growing influence of the Zionist lobby in Europe - or to be precise, the influence of the Jews - these two incidents are, unfortunately, never mentioned." [Hat tip: MEMRI]

Democrats Provide Aid And Comfort To Saddam Hussein

If it wasn't so remarkably telling, it might have been funny. Saddam's latest courtroom outburst is that he has been tortured by American forces and that President Bush had lied about WMD. Gee, who does that sound like? When a brutal dictator on trial for war crimes begins to parrot American left wing mantra in his own defense, someone should stop and think about the worldwide effect of their babble. Saddam obviously expects that these "charges" will have traction somewhere. He may be a sociopath/megalomaniac but he remains a cunning and manipulative sociopath/megalomaniac. The trial is about whether he ordered the killing and torture of thousands of his own citizens, but he knows the lefty press in America and Europe will lead with his charges and bury the actual issue. Indeed, this story leads with Saddam's outbursts against America and President Bush (which has nothing to do with Saddam's guilt or innocence) and what is relegated to the twenty-fourth and last paragraph of the piece: Two witnesses later testified from behind a curtain. One of them, identified only as Witness No. 2, said security officials "attached clamps to my thumbs and toes and private areas and tortured me with electricity until foam came out of my mouth." Ho hum.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More On Warrantless Surveillance

The more I read and research on this topic, the more I'm convinced that the warrantless surveillance in response to threats from abroad is not unconstitutional. The key distinction that must be made, and is categorically not made in the reporting I've seen, is between wiretapping and surveillance in response to domestic threats versus international or foreign threats. As to the former, a warrant is necessary. As to the latter, it is not and clearly so. A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, composed of three federal appellate court judges, said in 2002 that "All the ... courts to have decided the issue held that the president did have inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence ... We take for granted that the president does have that authority." So the legal bottom line is that warrantless surveillance for national security purposes is legal. That surveillance appears to have been mostly NSA intercepts of communications between persons in the continental U.S. and known al Qaeda operatives overseas. The "confusion" is caused by the intentional conflating of the law on wholly domestic eavesdropping with that involving eavesdropping on communications with persons abroad already determined or suspected to be connected to terrorist organizations. To put it bluntly, if Mohammed in Paterson, New Jersey is communicating by way of cell phone or internet with Mohammed in Damascus, Syria and the latter is known to be connected with a terrorist organization, that communication can legally be monitored without a warrant. If you don't agree that it should be so, well that's a legitimate point of debate. However, to conclude that it is unconstitutional is just plain wrong. Check out Powerline for more.

Weapons Cache Found In Iraq...Guess Where They Came From?

Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division on Tuesday dug up more than a thousand aging rockets and missiles wrapped in plastic, some of which had been buried as recently as two weeks ago. They were found based upon a tip form an Iraqi informant. Oh, yeah. Where did they come from? Think crepes, bratwurst and vodka.

ConLaw 101

I started to post about this yesterday when my computer's unstable SD RAM caused it to reboot while I stepped away thereby losing my work-in-process. Anyway, the brouhaha over the warrantless surveillance for which the President is getting flack is not so simple a subject, and a proper analysis requires more than a cursory knowledge of Constitutional Law, including the Fourth Amendment and separation of powers. This lack of knowledge is quite evident in most of the commentary I've heard on the MSM. The bottom line question is whether warrantless surveillance is permitted when foreign powers are involved as contrasted with a purely domestic situation. First, it is absolutely clear that the President has inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information. (U.S. v. Truong) Indeed, here's a list of many other search powers the federal government has that do not require a "warrant." In United States v. United States District Court (1972), Justice Lewis Powell wrote: "the instant case requires no judgment on the scope of the President's surveillance power with respect to the activities of foreign powers, within or without this country. " What he was saying was that it is an open question whether an exception to Fourth Amendment requirements exists for foreign intelligence collection. Quite obviously, the Attorney General advised the President that such surveillance was permissible under the Constitution. It is certainly clear that it is not, on its face, impermissible. At best, it is an open question. However, the reporting by those not at all familiar with Constitutional law is overly facile. It would be like me reporting on a schism in the field of neurosurgery and then taking a position.

So Much Stupidity, So Little Time

Stealing a page from the Democrat's playbook, the Sunnis, despite winning in regions heavily populated by Sunnis but losing in Shiite and Kurdish provinces, are calling the Iraqi election fraudulent. "It looks like people preferred to vote for their ethnic or sectarian identity," an official said. No kidding. Next time 92% of African-Americans vote Democrat, I guess we can assume fraud. Snoop Dogg on "Tookie" Williams: "It's nine-fifteen on twelve-thirteen and another black king will be taken from the scene" [Drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot]. Of course, Snoop doesn't believe Williams was guilty of the four murders he was convicted of over 20 years ago. More importantly, what kind of message does a celebrity-studded funeral for the founder of a notorious and violent gang send? Well, one current Crip gets it. "That's my role model, man. That's the CEO of the Crips," Killowatt the Third said. [Note the spelling of "Killowatt"] Let me venture out on a limb here, but I don't think Killowatt was moved by the children's books. I'm so confused here. The Mexican government is "outraged" at our efforts to build a border wall so they've hired a Dallas-based PR firm. A representative of the PR firm had this to say: "If people in the U.S. and Canada had an accurate view of the success of democracy, political stability and economic prosperity in Mexico, it would improve their views on specific bilateral issues like immigration and border security." Pardon me, but if there was any economic prosperity in Mexico, we wouldn't need the freakin' wall! Cal State-San Bernardino has denied the right of a Christian group to organize on campus would discriminate against non-Christians. Let me again do some limb-walking. If a private group or club cannot limit membership (i.e. self-segregate) to those with similar interests or beliefs, but instead must hold itself open to all, even those who hold antithetical interests or beliefs, there will eventually be no group or club. By the way, in case you missed it, here's the form to sign up and participate in Stanford University's "Black Graduation Celebration." I suspect whites and Asians need not apply. UCLA helps sponsor an ethnic graduation for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, and Filipinos. It also supports a segregated graduation by homosexual students as well.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some Advice To Those Seeking To Climb The Corporate Ladder

Learn from the following management lessons: Lesson #1: An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing?" The eagle answered: "Sure, why not." So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it. Management Lesson: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up. Lesson #2: A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, "but I haven't got the energy." "Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?" replied the bull. " They're packed with nutrients." The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree. Management Lesson: Bull shit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there. Lesson #3: A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold, the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He laid there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him. Management Lesson: (1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy. (2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend. (3) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut! [Hat tip: Mrs RTH!]

Another Example Of The Negative Correlation Between Electability As A Democrat, And A Functioning Brain

Came across this tidbit from Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) re the debate over the border fence. I didn't realize that the Berlin Wall separated north from south. More significantly, I was under the impression that it was designed to keep the East Berliners in East Berlin, rather than prevent the West Berliners from storming through to take advantage of the amenities of that worker's paradise. Silly me.

A Father's Voice

I remember the call to my home and the voice saying "Mr. Stokely, this is Maj. Hulsey - please come to the door, you dog won't let us up the driveway and we need to speak to you" and then remembering my fast gait to the driveway and asking, before they can say anything "is my boy dead" and the the words they spoke, with humble sadness in the eyes of Maj. Hulsey and the Chaplin that was with him... Read all of this father's email about his son. [Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt and Mudville Gazette]

Ohhhhh, Noooooo!

Polls show increasing optimism about economy and Iraq.


Large, celebrity-filled funeral for Tookie Williams.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Final Score: Freeman 1, Wallace 0

I previously posted concerning Morgan Freeman's comments on "60 Minutes" regarding Black History Month. Today I had a chance to actually hear a tape of the interview with Mike Wallace. What a hoot! I paraphrase a bit, but Morgan asked Mike whether there was a "Jewish History Month" inasmuch as Mike Wallace is Jewish. Wallace responded with the obvious and correct negative answer and Freeman then asked him "Well, do you want a Jewish History Month?" Wallace hesitated and hawed a bit and then said he did not. Freeman followed up by asking "Why should there be a Black History Month then?" Wallace's response? Follow this closely: "How then will we eliminate racism?" There it is in its unvarnished naivete and stupidity, and in microcosm, the liberal antidote to racism. By words and gestures that mean essentially nothing, and accomplish less, but make the actors feel good about themselves. The sad thing is that these folks truly believe that a moron who believes African-Americans are a sub-human species will have an epiphany when he learns that an African-American invented the traffic signal.

Christmas Mathematics

I've read in a variety of different places that about 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas. So I thought I'd do the math. Of the group that don't celebrate, I think it'd be fair to say that 95% of that 5% aren't particularly perturbed by the fact that the vast majority of the rest of us do. That therefore leaves us with about .25% of Americans who may feel "offended" or "excluded." So for 1/4th of one percent of the overly-sensitive and self-centered of us, we avoid wishing each other a "Merry Christmas." My hunch is that in most of this great country of ours, it is more likely to be struck by lightning than to offer an appropriate seasonal greeting to someone who would take offense from it.

Tick...Tick...Tick...Tick...(And I Don't Mean "60 Minutes")

Iran's president has banned Western-style music.

Why I Hate Liberal Democats...

WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement tonight in response to President Bush's speech on Iraq: "Tonight the President acknowledged more of the mistakes he has made in Iraq, but he still does not get it. Iraq did not present an imminent threat to the security of the United States before he began his war of choice. The President's speech tonight was further evidence that after almost three years, he still does not understand that crucial fact. "President Bush persists in pursuing a flawed policy that has not made the American people safer nor made the Middle East more secure. It is time for a new direction in Iraq -- not more of the same." ....because they're gonna get me killed. [Hat tip: Samuel L. Jackson] Everyone who is the least bit honest knows that President Bush said that the United States cannot wait for a threat to become imminent before acting. By then it is too late. You can look it up and confirm it in 30 seconds, so the dogged persistence by liberal Dems in repeating this blatant falsehood is clearly designed to mislead the uniformed. Will any of you namby-pamby, political hacks please offer a freakin' suggestion as to the "new direction" you are calling for. I swear, these people are children and anyone who buys into their rhetoric is, unfortunately, an immature thinker. It's like when my then nine year old would get a kick out of asking "Why?" after every statement I made. Not very constructive. Just infuriating after a bit.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

If You're A Liberal Then This Is Just Another View That Deserves Respect

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust is a matter for academic discussion and the West should be more tolerant of his views, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said on Sunday. Read the rest of this article and then explain how, if you are a practitioner of contemporary liberal thought, you can do anything but accept without rebuke his statements. If "tolerance" is the sacred cow, then what else can a lefty do but tolerate this point of view? The answer, which escapes the simple-minded, is that tolerance is to be applied to opinions and beliefs taken on faith such as, "In my opinion, chocolate is better than vanilla" or "I believe there is an afterlife." Not to unacceptance of empirical truths such as "In my view, 2+2=5" or "George Bush is responsible for more deaths than Hitler."

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sometimes You Must Just Admit The Obvious

Compared with any previous Iraqi election, with any reasonable expectation and with any other recent election in the Arab Middle East, Thursday's vote for a new Iraqi Parliament was an overwhelming and heartening triumph. From what editorial page do we find these glowing words?

But Both Sides Are Victims

Jesse Jackson is between a rock and a hard place if he's paying attention to this story. But I'm sure he'll find a way to blame "whitey."

Friday, December 16, 2005

Morgan Freeman Speaks Out

Anyone who knows me can attest to my distaste for anything that "celebrates" and helps define differences among us. A big target is "Black History Month" but I also reject recognizing "Cinco de Mayo" and/or Mexican Independence Day (which are oft times confused), and any other similar effort that emphasizes differences and serves to separate one citizen's "culture" from another. Morgan Freeman believes similarly and calls Black History Month "ridiculous." [Note to the historically illiterate: Mexican Independence Day is on September 16, commemorating independence from Spanish rule, which occurred in 1810. Cinco de Mayo (i.e. May 5) commemorates the victory of the Mexican Army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 in a war Mexico ultimately lost. Why that is celebrated in America is beyond me.]

Double Standard?

NAACP leader says Donovan McNabb is "not that good." Will he be pilloried as much as Rush Limbaugh had been?

By The Way, To How Many Guatemalans Do You Allow Unfettered Access To Your Country?

If Vincente Fox is against it, then it must be a good idea.

A Comment About The Elections In Iraq

As we all now know, millions of Iraqis (including Sunnis who boycotted the last elections) turned out to vote. At this point, can the process be called anything other than a success, at least by those without a sharp axe to grind? A country that was under the total control of one of the most repressive regimes and dictator in modern times just over three years ago has now had three separate elections. This last one with perhaps 70% turnout including members of heretofore violently clashing factions. The winners and losers have not yet been sorted out, and we may be unhappy with some of the results, but to deny that this election is an historic and monumental step towards greater stability in perhaps the most volatile region of the world makes you a nutter. Think about it. In just a few years, Afghanistan has gone from being ruled by the Taliban to free elections, Libya has renounced its WMD programs and invited inspectors in. Syria has withdrawn from Lebanon and the latter is taking steps to return to its democratic roots. And now this election in Iraq. Iraqi expatriates are ecstatic. Obviously the millions of Iraqis who just voted are happy with their newfound franchise. Our "boots on the ground" in Iraq are proud of their contribution to this sea change and see this as vindication of their efforts and their mission. The only sore losers are the Democrats and European left who are still grumbling about the "immorality" of liberating literally millions of people, and perhaps Dade County, Florida officials who have seen an election in Basra run more smoothly then they could ever have dreamed of.

Another Stunning Example Of The Peace Process At Work

Hamas, whose election slogan could be "Death to Israel!", wins Gaza elections by a landslide.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

They May Look Happy, But Deep Down They're Seething Over The Infidel Occupation

Iraqi child being "terrorized" by U.S. military. [Hat tip: LGF]

The Iraqi Elections

Iraqis are voting in record numbers. Visit Iraq The Model for updates and compelling photos. On the other hand, Palestinians remain obsessed with the threat of the monkeys and pigs.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

World Cup Preview

You soccer fans probably recognize Ronaldinho (in his FC Barcelona uniform), considered by many to be perhaps today's greatest footballer, although I know arguments can and will be made for a few others. In any event, if you are a soccer fan at any level, I'm sure you'll appreciate this bit of video. [Hat tip: Brother of RTH!] [Note: Did I mention that my daughter will be playing for her country in Holland this summer?]

Is This Some Sort Of Death Wish?

"I assure you that we won't step back one inch from our nuclear rights," the president told the crowd, drawing chants of "Death to America!" Guess who.

Follow Iraq Election Results

For those of you interested in this historic and unprecedented achievement, follow the progress of the Iraqi elections at Iraq The Model. My understanding is that this blog is the work of two Iraqi dentists in Baghdad (?) who have been reporting the truth of what has been going on in Iraq.

Larger Than Life, Even In Death

I attended Ed Masry's private memorial service yesterday. I can only hope that I touch even one-tenth of the lives he touched, as evidenced by the persons who were in attendance. I first met Ed several years ago and it became clear that he was the type of man that, once he had made what he believed to be the right decision, there's was no stopping him. I mention this in order to set up an anecdote I heard from his son at a post-service get together. In his last days, it was explained to Ed (who, in addition to being on kidney dialysis, suffered from myriad ailments towards the end of his life) that he could be taken off certain medications which would result in his heart slowly stopping, therby enabling him to drift peacefully off in his sleep. He decided it was time, and instructed his doctors to do just that. He then fell asleep with his family around him. Four or five hours later he awoke, blinked his eyes a few times and, still seeing his family sitting around his bed, said: "What the fuck is taking so long!" That was Ed Masry.

What Lovely People

The Iranian president call the Holocaust a "myth" while trying to smuggle forged ballots into Iraq, while his Palestinian counterpart approves monthly grants to the families of suicide bombers. What do all these acts have in common (besides being further evidence of a vast cultural and moral divide)? They are all signs of the impending conflict in the Middle East between those that support the terrorist agenda and those who oppose it. The Arabs, or more properly the Muslims since Iranians are actually Persian, hate for Jews and Israel is historic and palpable. It existed even before the days of Mohammed, but was refined into religious dogma by he and his followers. Iran quite obviously fears a more secular, but certainly more democratic, Iraq which clearly supports the notion that a democratic movement in the Middle East can be the most effective engine of change. The Palestinian leadership is not about to renounce (other than perhaps in words only) suicide bombing of innocents anytime soon inasmuch as it continues to subsidize the practice. The crucible that is the Middle East is beginning to bubble up and over as predicted by those who believed in the region-transforming potential of a free and democratic Iraq. Unfortunately, the violence that will follow is a necessary prerequisite to stability and prosperity because the fundamentalist old guard will not relinquish power and influence lightly.

More On Tookie and Broken Moral Compasses

Do you know who Albert Owens was? How about Yen-I Yang or Tsai-Shai Yang? How about Yee-Chen Lin? I'm sure you've heard of the late Stanley "Tookie" Williams, for who Winnie Mandela will do her best to see to it that he is buried in South Africa. Well, the four people mentioned above are the victims of Tookie's murderous rage. I'm looking at my local rag today and a story entitled "Europeans Angered" with photos of a concerned-looking Sean Penn and some father and his two school age daughters all outside of San Quentin State Prison. The daughters have tears rolling down their cheeks on the news of Tookie's successful execution. Penn looks like he just lost his best friend. It is hard for me to understand the literal shedding of tears by strangers over the death of Williams. There is something morally stunted or broken in a person who is wracked with remorse over the death of a murderer, but by my reckoning has never spent two seconds grieving over the deaths of Owens, the Yangs and Lin. Or spent any time at all reaching out to the shattered families of the murdered who are likely reliving that series of horrible events of twenty-plus years ago. There's something sick about it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All We Want Is To Live In Peace In Our Own State...Not!

Released from the jackboot heel of the Zionist oppressors and occupiers, Palestinian democracy is allowed to work in Gaza. Civil war, civil war, here comes the civil war (as predicted by anyone with half a brain, no agenda and who was paying attention all these years). Best quote award to the spokesman for the gunman who stormed the election offices, smashed desks and computers, and threatened to prevent the elections from taking place: "This is a peaceful step to protest the policy of (candidate) appointments within Fatah." These people are hopeless.

Let Me Know When The Bombs Start Dropping

The Iranian president again questioned the veracity of the Holocaust and this time encouraged the Muslim world to "give up its policy of passivity" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I wonder how that will be interpreted by its intended audience. Let me go out on a limb here a predict that, once Israel rightfully takes out Iran's nuclear capabilities, we will have the start of a Muslim/Arab-West global conflict that will not end until all Islamic totalitarian states have been obliterated.

All News Is Bad News

The Washington Post runs a story today entitled "One unit's volatile year at war in Iraq" and places a photo of Cindy Sheehan at the lead. It begins with the account of a soldier's death and his young widow's reactive words, all "tinged with bitterness." Not a piece supportive of the war effort. Thomas Sowell writes on this same day about the media's obsession with the casualty count and asks: Has anyone ever believed that any war could be fought without deaths on both sides? Every death is a tragedy to the individual killed and to his loved ones. But is there anything about American casualty rates in Iraq that makes them more severe than casualty rates in any other war we have fought? Which reminds me. I heard Ward Churchill say recently that, unless you had combat experience, you have no standing to comment upon what we are doing in Iraq. Presumably this is to distinguish himself as a Vietnam vet from the rest of us armchair generals. Small problem with your guidepost, Ward buddy. If we're going to use that standard, then let's find out what the majority of the men and women serving in Iraq think about the war. If the majority are behind it, will you then forever shut up? Same goes for the anti-war (i.e. anti-Bush/conservative/GOP) crowd. Would you be willing to put your money where your mouth is and hear from the Iraqis themselves? If a majority do not want us to withdraw by next month, will you then shut up?

Dysfunctional Black Leadership

Tookie is dead. The stone killer of a least four who never admitted his crimes, and therefore had nothing to show remorse over, is dead. The founder of the Crips gang, an organization that has been responsible for more deaths of African-Americans over the last 25 years than any white person, is dead. And yet the NAACP is "disappointed and saddened" by Gov. Arnold's failure to commute his death sentence saying "He's a first-term governor, he wants a second term, and he's going to make decisions that will appeal to the people who put him in office to get back in office." There is something pathologic about the knee-jerk defense of essentially any African-American no matter what he or she has done. This is a symptom that is not limited to the black community (I was embarrassed by the Italian-American apologists for John Gotti, however no group ever spoke out in his defense), but has been taken to a high art by it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, Yeah, I'm Doing Fine But Unfortunately It Seems Most Everyone Else...

It is a common factor of the human condition to (1) consider yourself unique or exceptional and, (2) to believe without ability to confirm at least some of the constant drumbeat of bad news. That explains the common polling finding that a majority see their personal situation as quite positive, but they see the overall situation as negative. The people of Iraq are no exception. A recent poll found 70% of Iraqis believing that their lives were going well, and two-thirds believing that things will continue to get better. The interesting quote is the following: The number of Iraqis who say things are going well in their country overall is just 44 percent, far fewer than the 71 percent who say their own lives are going well. Fifty-two percent instead say the country is doing badly. So, the bottom line is that a significant majority of Iraqis see their personal situation, and their futures, quite positively, but nevertheless don't believe their situation is the norm. They could very easily be Democrats.

Talk About Profiling

Quantas and Air New Zealand have a policies that prohibit unaccompanied children from sitting next Editor's note: The liberal left will be the ultimate downfall of Western civilization as we know it. [Hat tip:]

Just As Predicted

Israel prepares for strikes against Iran's uranium enrichment sites.

Good News From Iraq

Former Baath Party (i.e. Saddam loyalist) members now urging Sunnis to get out This is obviously a major step in the right direction. Therefore it will be near impossible to find on the major news outlets.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Thanks, Those Things Will Kill Ya

According to columnist Gordon Dillow, "Tookie" Williams may have a last meal worth up to $50.00 last cigarette since he is being executed in a non-smoking facility. There's a Saturday Night Live skit in there somewhere.

Large Explosion Rocks London Fuel Depot

Cause of blast unknown.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

If It Feels Good, Say It

UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei said on Saturday : "[T]he world had 27,000 nuclear warheads and,to me, that is 27,000 warheads too many. The hard part is how do we create an environment in which nuclear weapons -- like slavery or genocide -- are regarded as a taboo and a historical anomaly?" Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mauritania. Maybe I'm dense, but last I checked those "taboo" historical anomalies still exist in alarming frequency.

Hugh Hewitt On Iran And Our Media

"And what reaction to the Iranian assumption of leadership of the Holocaust denial movement. To utter such a thing --to believe it-- is so extraordinarily out-of-left field that it takes a while to figure out the implications of a Head of Government believing such an evil rewrite of history. Where's the outrage? Or even a little alarm? I haven't seen television coverage of either story yet. If the president of Iran comes out tomorrow and declares that he is Xerxes, son of Darius, and he rejects the Greeks claims to the Peloponnese, would people galnce briefly in his direction and then return to denouncing trans-European flights of terrorists to detention centers?"

More On Walid Shoebat

The post below by the supposedly vacationing Ms. Glaviano reminded me of something I read not two or three days ago. Walid Shoebat was to speak at Princeton University until officials decided the event was "too inflammatory." He did speak off-campus, however.

Friday, December 09, 2005

A Muslim speaks about the HATE the US just doesn't understand

I am away on a trip and I was so lucky to find this book on the back of the shelf and the only one left at the airport bookstore. I finished it on the plane. It is called Why I left Jihad? by Walid Shoebat. Since I am up with jetlag I thought I would talk about it. His message in a a former Muslim and Islamic countries do not HATE because of displaced Palestinians...they do not hate the US because of our Israeli policies and westernization. They just hate and there is nothing Jews nor Christians nor Americans can do about it. In fact he goes so far as to say, once Palestine pushes the Jews into the Red Sea and gets the land back...the rest of the Islamic world will then kill all the Palestinians too! This hate is not perpetuated by the terrorists themselves but the government. A person would be killed for passing out a pamphlet against suicide bombing...but not killed by a radical group but by the government. Now there is something we do not hear everyday and that is why he wrote the book...because we the US just don't get it. They hate just to is part and parcel of the religion which the West refuses to acknowledge. All our efforts to accommodate them is a waste of our time and lacks understanding. It is a great read and I highly recommend it since it is definitely written by one who knows and participated and perpetrated exactly from whence he speaks. This author, of course, now lives in fear of his own life for writing this book.

Random Thought

If "Tookie" Williams was a white guy responsible for founding a white supremacist gang and killed in cold blood four members of a black family...would Snoop, Jamie Foxx, Babs Streisand and the rest of the crew be campaigning for clemency? Just wondering.

Iran Nuke Watch...Liberal Response: "Well, he wouldn't be pushed to say such things if the Jews weren't so, you know, Jewish"

Iranian president Ahmadinejad says: "Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces...Although we don't accept this claim, if we suppose it is true, our question for the Europeans is: is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason for their support to the occupiers of Jerusalem?" UPDATE: Yikes! I just posted this when I found this story about the UN's tepid response to Iran. What does the world's watchdog and moral arbiter do when faced with an Islamic totalitarian regime headed by a guy who wants Israel "wiped off the face of the Earth", denies the Holocaust occurred and is unwilling to allow UN inspections to confirm his nuclear program is not for military purposes? Well, we shouldn't "think we should jump the gun, and use enforcement." No, no, God forbid we appear churlish and use any sort of "enforcement." And we don't want to do anything "as long as we haven't seen an imminent threat, a smoking gun..." [Note: this is where my brain starts to hurt when no one asks the obvious question, "What sort of 'imminent threat' would you need to see before taking action?"] However, they admit that "the best alternative today is inspections, to be on the ground and unearth the facts." Question: how do you propose the UN achieve that goal since turning the matter over to the U.N. Security Council, which can impose sanctions on the country, is apparently not an "immediate answer. " And rounding off the ridiculous ineffectiveness of this world body is the regular dose of moral and cultural relativism: You see, if you really want to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, the nations that have them should "lead the way" by disarming themselves. Explain why a terrorist group or nation, hell bent on destroying all non-believers, would not seek to detonate a nuke in London, or Chicago, or Paris, or Berlin if their enemies gave up their nuclear weapons. I ask the question: Who do you trust more with nuclear weapons? America and Israel, for example, or North Korea and Iran?

Ed Masry

A client and friend passed away the other day. Ed Masry (above, with Erin Brockovich), the real life boss to Erin Brockovich, died this past Tuesday. I will be attending his private memorial service next week. Because of his long struggle with diabetes and kidney disease, his family has requested that anyone so inclined donate to the National Kidney Foundation or the American Diabetes Foundation.

One Less Idiot Subscriber For A Left Wing Rag

Babs Streisand has canceled her LA Times subscription. Of course, the pretentiousness of going public with this news goes over her head and the heads of people like her. What paper is she going to take while the editors of the LA Times, finally realizing their gross error in judgment now that Babs has canceled her subscription, mull over their next step? The Christian Science Monitor?

Good Economic News You'll Never Hear

The U.S. economy grew faster during the third quarter of 2005 than initially thought. The seasonally adjusted annual growth rate of 4.3 percent was much stronger than the 3.8 percent estimated a month ago, and it marks the tenth consecutive quarter in which real GDP has grown faster than its 20-year average of 3.2 percent. At the same time, inflation gauges were revised slightly lower. The personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price gauge, the inflation yardstick favored by the Federal Reserve, rose only 1.2 percent, a figure lower than previous estimates. Meanwhile, companies in the S&P 500 have reported double-digit increases in corporate profits for a record twelve consecutive quarters. As for the dollar, it has gained 31 percent against the euro and 17 percent against the yen. Read the entirety of Victor Canto's piece.

Cindy Sheehan Goes To England

The real reason she took her roadshow across the Atlantic is that no one here will listen to her anymore. Remember the "turnout" for her book signing?

We've Run Out Of Things To Take To The Streets Over...No Wait...Here's A Story Out Of Denmark...Allah Akbar!

So, tell me again, why do you shut down a city in the Indian sub-continent because of a cartoon in Denmark? [Hat tip: Dhimmi Watch]

Now If It Was Arabic, They'd Set Aside A Room And Have An Assembly

I'm all for English-only at schools and total immersion rather than bilingual education policies, but this story bespeaks of something different. I don't think it has as much to do with any sort of animus towards Spanish-speakers as it does with the small mind of educators. Allow me to explain. These are the same folks that, in any effort to avoid any exercise in judgment, brought you "zero-tolerance" policies that resulted in kids being suspended for bringing an aspirin, or an inhaler or a pair of scissors they found on the way and intended to hand in, to school. I wouldn't be surprised if the rule against speaking Spanish at school was so non-Spanish speaking teachers/administrators could at all times understand what the kids were saying. Not an unreasonable objective. But when you place policies like this in the hands of persons with any sort of graduate degree or credential, havoc results.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's Not If You Hate, It's Who You Hate

It is neither possible nor virtuous to be devoid of hatred. Even those who think it is always wrong to hate must hate hatred. The question therefore is not whether one hates but what (or whom) one hates. .... Everyone hates someone, and that includes people on the Left. The problem is that because they don't hate evil, they hate those who oppose evil. That is how liberals went from anti-communist to anti-anti-communist. To paraphrase one of the greatest moral insights of the Talmud, those who show mercy to the cruel will be cruel to the merciful. So, George W. Bush, not the Islamic terror world, is the Left's villain; life-embracing Israel is the Left's villain, not their death-loving enemies; and religious Christians who note moral weaknesses within the Islamic world are the real danger, not the moral weaknesses within the Islamic world.

Read the entire Dennis Prager piece.

Nothing More Needs To Be Said

[Hat tip: Kenders Musings]

The Signs All Point To Confrontation

Iran elects an old terrorist as its president. He calls for the destruction of Israel while resisting any UN or international effort to inspect Iran's avowedly "peaceful" nuclear energy program. He, today, calls for Jews to be moved to Germany and Austria and out of Israel. How long does he expect Israel to stand by and do nothing? Is that his objective? Or is he just another Islamic nutbag who believes whatever is convenient in order to take focus away from the miserableness of their own societies and existences? By the way, ignorance of history is not limited to Western liberals. He argues "why did you come to give a piece of Islamic land" to create Israel. Inasmuch as what is now Israel existed as a Jewish homeland a good 700 years before Muhammed created Islam, how did it become "Islamic land"? Answer: based upon the Quranic teaching that once a land becomes Islamic, it forever remains Islamic (i.e. dar al-Islam). Be afraid. Be very afraid of these people and their goals.

The UN's Strange Moral Compass

On the one hand, the UN "understands the concern in Muslim countries over the 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad [published in Denmark]and expects UN experts on racism to deal with the matter..." On the other, it can't bring itself to condemn a Palestinian terrorist attack that killed five in Israel. Thank our lucky stars for John Bolton. [Hat tip: LGF]

Rule Of Thumb: While On A Plane, Don't Say You Have A Bomb In Your Carry-on And Expect To Live To Tell About It

Air marshals shoot and kill fleeing passenger. Take this story in conjunction with the immediately preceding post and not in the vacuum of the standard "he was never a threat to anyone" sympathies. I do feel sorry for this guy and his family, and don't doubt he was bi-polar, but in light of common knowledge (to air marshals, but unfortunately not the flying public) that terrorists are testing our airline security, what else can they do under these circumstances? I blame in large part the MSM that does not report what is actually happening for our general lack of knowledge of what steps terrorists are taking to develop attack strategies.

Terrorists Are On Our Airlines

Since the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, air marshals and airline pilots have reported instances to federal authorities in which individuals behaving suspiciously appeared to be evaluating onboard security, according to congressional testimony. It is believed that terrorists continue to fly on airline routes to and within the United States to look for the weak links in the layers of the still-evolving aviation security system. The ploys have ranged from faking illnesses to disobeying orders from flight attendants to sit down to a few reported cases of individuals running toward the cockpit door in apparent efforts to flush out any air marshals from their seats. Read the rest of this story and then ask yourself why this sort of information is buried among the stories of unseasonably cold weather. There is an ongoing, demonstrative threat to our national security and we rarely hear about terrorists looking for "weak links" even in stories about the Patriot Act. What a ridiculously poor job of salesmanship.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Bombshell That Won't Be?

This should be a bombshell piece of news, but I doubt it will receive much play in the MSM: The vast majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico were employed before they migrated to the United States, and failure to find work in their native Mexico did not seem to be the primary reason for their departure. This is the conclusion of a survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Where's The ACLU When You Need It...UPDATE

I had posted back in November regarding my email to the ACLU-NJ requesting when that organization was going to take action against the setting aside of "prayer spaces" at Giants Stadium. To date, I have not had the courtesy of a reply so today I again contacted the ACLU-NJ asking for a statement of their position on this question. If anyone has the direct email address of an official at ACLU-NJ, it would be most appreciated.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How Long Will This Classic Be Allowed To Last?

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" first aired in 1965, and I remember it well. I was nine years old at the time. I watched it religiously (I'm not sure if I intended the pun, quite frankly) every Christmas season for probably the next five or so years after that. Then I became to cool for that sort of childish stuff. When I had a daughter of my own in 1991, I sat down with her and began watching it again. If I'm blessed with grandkids someday, I hope to be watching with them. That is, of course, if such an obviously Christian-oriented cartoon is not deemed so inappropriate that it can't be shown on public television for fear of offending non-Christians. I fear it's only a matter of time unless we stand up and be heard. UPDATE: two interesting Christmas history/trivia posts from Italics Mine.

It Just Proves His Point

Widespread power outages struck Zimbabwe on Tuesday, blacking out much of President Robert Mugabe's state of the nation address in which he promised to address the country's chronic electricity shortages. Irony is a dish best served...oops, power went out.

No Saddam-TV? Wonder Why?

The thought occurred to me, why isn't any American network somehow getting the feed and transmitting live the trial of Saddam Hussein? My understanding is that the trial is being broadcast in Iraq. CourtTV is streaming video of it, at the cost of about $6.00/month, so obviously it is available. I therefore find it somewhat odd that no American outlet is broadcasting it either over the air or by cable/satellite transmission. Inasmuch as we went to war to depose this man, and now he is facing a legal tribunal charged with war crimes, I'd like to think there might be some interest. I'm sure, if the Nuremberg proceedings were available to American television, there would have been some interest in seeing what was happening. Could it be that the vast majority of the American and Western media do not want the public to see and hear live, real time, unedited accounts of the countless atrocities performed at Saddam's behest lest they begin to believe the war was a good thing? Just asking.

A Small Smorgasborg

Great opinion piece by a pro-choice professor regarding parental notification/consent... Christmas songs out, Hanukkah songs in... The "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong." Guess which Senator just made that remark...

Maybe I Haven't Been Oppressed Myself, But I'm A Very Empathetic Person

Often a piece of information works on many levels. Daniel Pipes has this piece on the growing number of Muslim converts signing up to become suicide bombers. This development certainly makes the battle against these terrorists more difficult because it expands the "demographic", as it were, of potential killers. Indeed, the liberal left will soon have its wish (in a way) when we can no longer say that our terrorists are typically Arab male. Of course the liberal corollary to that is to search no one rather than more. The other intriguing aspect of this story is what it does to the "root cause" argument. The left loves to explain away head-chopping and baby killing as the result of decades of oppression, occupation, mistreatment etc that has the toxic effect of destroying the poor victim's ability to see right from wrong thereby resulting in the commission of horrific acts. In a nutshell: "Israel (or American imperialism, or Western hegemony) made me do it." However, that outfit is a much more difficult fit upon, for example, Muriel Degaugue, the 38 year old Belgium and Christian born woman who converted to Islam, traveled to Baghdad and then blew herself up. There have been native born converts from Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, the UK and America convicted of terrorist acts in furtherance of the Islamic cause. It should be clear to anyone who has no agenda that it is foolish to try and justify Islamic terror on the basis of historical slights or wrongs. Clearly, there is a significant and dangerous component to the religion itself that teaches approval for these sorts of acts. [Note: to Dan, remember it is only relevant how a religious book or doctrine is being applied, as opposed to how it can be interpreted in the abstract]

Monday, December 05, 2005

"A throat must be cut from the front, but not entirely so there is maximum suffering"

Why should any country allow people like this in, or allow them to stay. It is a mater of self-preservation and if you believe that your country, culture or society have any value, you cannot encourage those who wish to destroy it to waltz on in and get down to business.

Testimony Against Saddam

"I swear by God I walked by a room and on my left I saw a grinder with blood coming out of it and human hair underneath" "Saddam, from the Sunni Arab minority, asked a 15-year-old boy if he knew who he was. "He said 'Saddam'. Then Saddam hit him in the head with an ash tray" While they were there a woman told a guard that her infant baby needed milk or he would die. "He died and the guard threw him from the window" Read here for the rest.

John Kerry: American Soldiers Are Terrorists

John Kerry had this to say over the weekend: "You've got to begin to transfer authority to the Iraqis. And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs. Whether you like it or not..." [Hat tip: Captain's Quarters] What a freakin' fool. Forget for a moment the terrorist analogy. What about the concern over "customs"? What's that all about? We are in a war but we should be more concerned about not running afoul of local customs? This idiot almost became President of the United States! Anyway, his stupidity and lack of appreciation finally got me off my duff to make a contribution to the Soldiers' Angels' Holiday Spirit For Heroes Fund. Check it out and feel free to do the same.

Quick Hits

The cowards are at it again... Three women in Indonesia sent to prison for "Christianization" of Muslim children...[Hey, Dan...explain again how no culture and society is better or worse than any other] I've started following "speech codes" at various universities. Here's the latest from Stevens Institute of Technology that confirms the right to freedom of expression but then prohibits pretty much most expression... Read "Bad Terrorism" by James S. Robbins and confirm what you always thought: these guys are nuts...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Iran Nuke Update

According to the UN, Iran is only "a few months away" from creating an atomic bomb. Like I have said before. If you think that Iran having nukes is a good thing, then obviously in your mind nothing should be done. If you don't, what do you propose the "international community" do about it? [Hat tip: LGF]

A Short And Sweet Explanation Why Christmas Is "Christmas"

The pic above is the Easter Bunny. It is a fictional character that was created to charm little children over the Easter holiday. Easter is a religious holiday. It is a Christian holiday. You are under no obligation to observe this holiday if you are Christian. You may choose to observe it even if you are not. That's how it works here. Now here's the important part, so listen close: The Easter bunny will be recognized as such even if you call him (her?) the "April Hare" or the "Springtime Rabbit" or "William the Conqueror" or any other name to try to create the fiction that we are not really celebrating Easter, a Christian religious holiday. A Douglas fir tree wrapped in bright, colored lights, festooned with ornaments, topped with a gold, five pointed star and spotted in December is a "Christmas tree." It only appears at the end of the year and represents the Christian holy-day celebrating the birth of Christ. It serves no other purpose apart from that irrespective of the name you decide to give it. It does not celebrate Hanukkah, for that's the Mennorah's job. It does not celebrate Kwanzaa or any other politically motivated holiday. Anyone familiar with Western civilization who sees it knows it has been raised and decorated for one holiday, and one holiday only...Christmas. So stop being self-centered little whiners [Note: here's the story from Australia that motivated my diatribe.]

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Finally a true example of what tolerance and diversity truly are...

A Jewish advocacy group defends Christmas. The Rabbi defends Christmas "as a positive expression of the religious values that have made America a safe haven for the Jewish people."

Iran Nuke Update...

It is becoming more and more likely that Iran will be confronted by Israel regarding the latter's nuclear ambitions. I have posted about this before. Iran has now officially taken the position that it will block any UN ordered inspections of its nuclear facilities. So I again beg for an explanation from those who view the UN as the ultimate moral force in the universe. You know who you are. The folks who call what's going on in Iraq an "immoral and illegal war" primarily, if not exclusively, because the UN did not "authorize" it. What will you say when the UN calls for inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities to determine if they are for peaceful purposes or to enable the enrichment of uranium for more explosive reasons and Iran, as it has clearly now stated, will not comply? How does the world avert the clear crises that will result if Iran, on record calling for the destruction of Israel, develops nuclear weapons. Other than, of course, destroying Israel first.

Another One Bites The Dust

The photo above show the remnants of a CIA Predator missile that was fired from Afghanistan and killed al Qaeda's number three guy, who happened to be hiding out in Pakistan. Pakistani officials report that he was killed when home-stored explosives detonated. I'm happy to hear that another one of these bastards has been picked off (and, yes, I do feel sorry for any "collateral damage" but, if you are a terrorist hunted worldwide, anyone who stays within bomblast radius of you should have known better). However, if the CIA wants to keep the cause of his demise vague, wouldn't it be better to not put identification information on the weaponry being used?

Friday, December 02, 2005

And For This, We Need A Lawsuit?

In a victory for sanity, and a loss for the ACLU, a federal judge has upheld random searches of bags in NYC subways. The fact that a federal court is needed to intervene (and, sadly, with the outcome being no sure thing) in order to allow law enforcement to search for bombs after attacks have already occurred is a bit mindboggling. But then, just read the quote from ACLU bag-lady Donna Lieberman who calls the "unprecedented" bag search program a violation of basic freedoms. Yeeesh.

What Kind Of Shoes Would Match That Belt Anyway?

(click to enlarge) I always kinda wondered what the payoff would be for the gals. [Hat tip: The Right Nation, who has been added to the Triptych]

I'm Truly Sorry, But I Had To Post This Photo

In Bangladesh (a Muslim-majority country), Islamic terrorists set off a series of bombs killing 18 people (presumably all Muslims). In Indonesia, fresh off having beheaded a few Christian schoolgirls (see photo at left), Muslims terrorize and vandalize a Sunday school class populated by young girls. [Note: Has this happened because of our support for Israel, or because we are in Iraq, pray tell?] I thought very long and very hard before deciding to add the photo of the post-mortem of one of these poor girls, but felt that the true barbarity of these people needs to be confronted not with just words but with images if we are to gain a true sense of what we are fighting. Those of you who wring your hands over Abu Ghraib and what were mostly childish, fraternity pranks and those of you who went on and on about "Koran-abuse" please click to enlarge this photo. Then examine it...frightening pixel by frightening pixel. Think about what went through this poor child's mind as she was abducted by 7th century monsters and was slaughtered by having her head sawed off from her body. Try to imagine as you continue to stare at this photo what can be firing through the synapses of the minds of these heartless, soulless killers and then tell us that we are no better than them. Tell us that there is no difference between a culture that actually is concerned about the physical and mental health of those that are trying to destroy it when they become our prisoners, and a culture that glorifies and encourages the tearing off of a child's head simply because that child is not Muslim and therefore worth no more than a dog. Tell us as you look at the still pretty face of that massacred child sitting as though on a platter that there is no "good" and there is no "evil" in this world, just honest differences that we must learn to understand and reconcile. Stare at that photo for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, ten minutes and then tell us how we are no different, no better than them.

Iran Nuke Update

I had recently posted about the inevitability of Israel taking out Iran's nuclear capability. Well, it seems that our former Soviet buddies are helping Iran avoid just such an attack. Perhaps thanks to Al Gore.

When Will We Pull Out Of California?

In 2004, there were 2394 homicide deaths in California. In that same period, there were 905 coalition forces deaths in Iraq.

Dude! Where's My Brain?

Did you ever get the feeling when talking to old buddies, who enjoyed quite a bit of the weed when they were young, that there now seems to be something not quite properly computing? Well, a recent study sheds a bit of light on that phenomena. It seems that brain scans of adolescent pot-smokers appear eerily similar to those of adolescent schizophrenics. As political incorrect as it sounds, I'm glad I stuck to cigarettes and now the occasional cigar.

A Few Stories of Success From The Middle East

Read Gerard Baker from across the pond, and Charles Krauthammer from this side.

Who Said No Clear Explanation Had Been Given

"Over the years, these extremists have used a litany of excuses for violence: the Israeli presence on the West Bank, the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia, the defeat of the Taliban, or the Crusades of a thousand years ago. In fact, we’re not facing a set of grievances that can be soothed and addressed. We’re facing a radical ideology with inalterable objectives: to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world. No act of ours invited the rage of killers — and no concession, bribe, or act of appeasement would change or limit their plans for murder. On the contrary, they target nations whose behavior they believe they can change through violence. Against such an enemy, there is only one effective response” George Bush on 11/11/05. How clear can one be about what we are fighting. And how unreported can such important remarks be by the MSM.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

So What Would You Do?

I mentioned to someone the other day that Iran will not have nuclear weapons. Israel, rightfully, will not allow that to happen. Let's get real. If your neighbor two doors down repeatedly announces that he wants to wipe you off the face of the earth, and then started accepting deliveries of M-16s and battle knives, would you just wait and keep your fingers crossed hoping that he was taken out of context? I didn't think so. [Note: Photo shows military rally in Iran last week. Banner on bus reads "Israel should be wiped out of the face of the world." Photo: AP]

President Bush Called For Jury Duty

He must appear in McClennan County court per a standard juror summons.

The Photos May Be Fake, But The Essence Of The Story Is Real

If you want to experience the moral bankruptcy of the left, check out this story about how tried to put together a hit piece regarding American soldiers in Iraq over Thanksgiving, but used photos of British troops instead, and then tried to doctor-over the mistake. [Hat tip: Don't Go Into The Light]

Took, Took, Tookie...Goodbye

In the clemency petition, Williams' latest set of lawyers argued that prosecutor Robert Martin had kicked all African Americans off the jury. When prosecutors produced a death certificate that showed that juror William McLurkin was black, the lawyers noted in a reply that it doesn't matter if McLurkin was black or part-black, because he "looked Filipino." I assiduously try to avoid discussing racially charged death penalty appeals cases. It is enough to occasionally quote the tortured logic of the defendant's attorneys.

"A Fetus As An Individual Under Construction"

Please read this absolutely wonderful piece by Dalton Conley regarding the father's perspective in the abortion debate. It is moderate and well-reasoned. However, because it provides for the input of someone other than the mother-to-be, it will be met with incoherent cries. I challenge any pro-choicer to explain why Conley's position is wrong.

Suicide Bombing Goes Mainstream...And The Lines At Airports Will Get Longer

Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for this story on what appears to be the first white, western woman suicide bomber. What to make of it? Not sure yet. But if you mix enough cultural self-loathing with a bankrupt religious ideology sprinkled with absolutely no knowledge of history or religion...a new era of threat results. Now the multicultural boneheads can have their way. We won't just search middle-eastern males. We'll search everyone. You can thank the religion of peace for that.

Why Iran May Be Next

If you have ten or so minutes in the morning, and a broadband connection, you can find a few stories like the following pretty much every day: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's hardliner President who recently called for the destruction of Israel, had this to say: "I will stop Christianity in this country" What will probably help that goal along, are sentences such as this for crimes against Allah.