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Friday, December 16, 2005

A Comment About The Elections In Iraq

As we all now know, millions of Iraqis (including Sunnis who boycotted the last elections) turned out to vote. At this point, can the process be called anything other than a success, at least by those without a sharp axe to grind? A country that was under the total control of one of the most repressive regimes and dictator in modern times just over three years ago has now had three separate elections. This last one with perhaps 70% turnout including members of heretofore violently clashing factions. The winners and losers have not yet been sorted out, and we may be unhappy with some of the results, but to deny that this election is an historic and monumental step towards greater stability in perhaps the most volatile region of the world makes you a nutter. Think about it. In just a few years, Afghanistan has gone from being ruled by the Taliban to free elections, Libya has renounced its WMD programs and invited inspectors in. Syria has withdrawn from Lebanon and the latter is taking steps to return to its democratic roots. And now this election in Iraq. Iraqi expatriates are ecstatic. Obviously the millions of Iraqis who just voted are happy with their newfound franchise. Our "boots on the ground" in Iraq are proud of their contribution to this sea change and see this as vindication of their efforts and their mission. The only sore losers are the Democrats and European left who are still grumbling about the "immorality" of liberating literally millions of people, and perhaps Dade County, Florida officials who have seen an election in Basra run more smoothly then they could ever have dreamed of.

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