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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Democrats Provide Aid And Comfort To Saddam Hussein

If it wasn't so remarkably telling, it might have been funny. Saddam's latest courtroom outburst is that he has been tortured by American forces and that President Bush had lied about WMD. Gee, who does that sound like? When a brutal dictator on trial for war crimes begins to parrot American left wing mantra in his own defense, someone should stop and think about the worldwide effect of their babble. Saddam obviously expects that these "charges" will have traction somewhere. He may be a sociopath/megalomaniac but he remains a cunning and manipulative sociopath/megalomaniac. The trial is about whether he ordered the killing and torture of thousands of his own citizens, but he knows the lefty press in America and Europe will lead with his charges and bury the actual issue. Indeed, this story leads with Saddam's outbursts against America and President Bush (which has nothing to do with Saddam's guilt or innocence) and what is relegated to the twenty-fourth and last paragraph of the piece: Two witnesses later testified from behind a curtain. One of them, identified only as Witness No. 2, said security officials "attached clamps to my thumbs and toes and private areas and tortured me with electricity until foam came out of my mouth." Ho hum.

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