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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dysfunctional Black Leadership

Tookie is dead. The stone killer of a least four who never admitted his crimes, and therefore had nothing to show remorse over, is dead. The founder of the Crips gang, an organization that has been responsible for more deaths of African-Americans over the last 25 years than any white person, is dead. And yet the NAACP is "disappointed and saddened" by Gov. Arnold's failure to commute his death sentence saying "He's a first-term governor, he wants a second term, and he's going to make decisions that will appeal to the people who put him in office to get back in office." There is something pathologic about the knee-jerk defense of essentially any African-American no matter what he or she has done. This is a symptom that is not limited to the black community (I was embarrassed by the Italian-American apologists for John Gotti, however no group ever spoke out in his defense), but has been taken to a high art by it.

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