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Monday, December 19, 2005

Final Score: Freeman 1, Wallace 0

I previously posted concerning Morgan Freeman's comments on "60 Minutes" regarding Black History Month. Today I had a chance to actually hear a tape of the interview with Mike Wallace. What a hoot! I paraphrase a bit, but Morgan asked Mike whether there was a "Jewish History Month" inasmuch as Mike Wallace is Jewish. Wallace responded with the obvious and correct negative answer and Freeman then asked him "Well, do you want a Jewish History Month?" Wallace hesitated and hawed a bit and then said he did not. Freeman followed up by asking "Why should there be a Black History Month then?" Wallace's response? Follow this closely: "How then will we eliminate racism?" There it is in its unvarnished naivete and stupidity, and in microcosm, the liberal antidote to racism. By words and gestures that mean essentially nothing, and accomplish less, but make the actors feel good about themselves. The sad thing is that these folks truly believe that a moron who believes African-Americans are a sub-human species will have an epiphany when he learns that an African-American invented the traffic signal.

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