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Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm Truly Sorry, But I Had To Post This Photo

In Bangladesh (a Muslim-majority country), Islamic terrorists set off a series of bombs killing 18 people (presumably all Muslims). In Indonesia, fresh off having beheaded a few Christian schoolgirls (see photo at left), Muslims terrorize and vandalize a Sunday school class populated by young girls. [Note: Has this happened because of our support for Israel, or because we are in Iraq, pray tell?] I thought very long and very hard before deciding to add the photo of the post-mortem of one of these poor girls, but felt that the true barbarity of these people needs to be confronted not with just words but with images if we are to gain a true sense of what we are fighting. Those of you who wring your hands over Abu Ghraib and what were mostly childish, fraternity pranks and those of you who went on and on about "Koran-abuse" please click to enlarge this photo. Then examine it...frightening pixel by frightening pixel. Think about what went through this poor child's mind as she was abducted by 7th century monsters and was slaughtered by having her head sawed off from her body. Try to imagine as you continue to stare at this photo what can be firing through the synapses of the minds of these heartless, soulless killers and then tell us that we are no better than them. Tell us that there is no difference between a culture that actually is concerned about the physical and mental health of those that are trying to destroy it when they become our prisoners, and a culture that glorifies and encourages the tearing off of a child's head simply because that child is not Muslim and therefore worth no more than a dog. Tell us as you look at the still pretty face of that massacred child sitting as though on a platter that there is no "good" and there is no "evil" in this world, just honest differences that we must learn to understand and reconcile. Stare at that photo for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, ten minutes and then tell us how we are no different, no better than them.

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