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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Iran Nuke Update...

It is becoming more and more likely that Iran will be confronted by Israel regarding the latter's nuclear ambitions. I have posted about this before. Iran has now officially taken the position that it will block any UN ordered inspections of its nuclear facilities. So I again beg for an explanation from those who view the UN as the ultimate moral force in the universe. You know who you are. The folks who call what's going on in Iraq an "immoral and illegal war" primarily, if not exclusively, because the UN did not "authorize" it. What will you say when the UN calls for inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities to determine if they are for peaceful purposes or to enable the enrichment of uranium for more explosive reasons and Iran, as it has clearly now stated, will not comply? How does the world avert the clear crises that will result if Iran, on record calling for the destruction of Israel, develops nuclear weapons. Other than, of course, destroying Israel first.

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