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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Larger Than Life, Even In Death

I attended Ed Masry's private memorial service yesterday. I can only hope that I touch even one-tenth of the lives he touched, as evidenced by the persons who were in attendance. I first met Ed several years ago and it became clear that he was the type of man that, once he had made what he believed to be the right decision, there's was no stopping him. I mention this in order to set up an anecdote I heard from his son at a post-service get together. In his last days, it was explained to Ed (who, in addition to being on kidney dialysis, suffered from myriad ailments towards the end of his life) that he could be taken off certain medications which would result in his heart slowly stopping, therby enabling him to drift peacefully off in his sleep. He decided it was time, and instructed his doctors to do just that. He then fell asleep with his family around him. Four or five hours later he awoke, blinked his eyes a few times and, still seeing his family sitting around his bed, said: "What the fuck is taking so long!" That was Ed Masry.

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