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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Maybe I Haven't Been Oppressed Myself, But I'm A Very Empathetic Person

Often a piece of information works on many levels. Daniel Pipes has this piece on the growing number of Muslim converts signing up to become suicide bombers. This development certainly makes the battle against these terrorists more difficult because it expands the "demographic", as it were, of potential killers. Indeed, the liberal left will soon have its wish (in a way) when we can no longer say that our terrorists are typically Arab male. Of course the liberal corollary to that is to search no one rather than more. The other intriguing aspect of this story is what it does to the "root cause" argument. The left loves to explain away head-chopping and baby killing as the result of decades of oppression, occupation, mistreatment etc that has the toxic effect of destroying the poor victim's ability to see right from wrong thereby resulting in the commission of horrific acts. In a nutshell: "Israel (or American imperialism, or Western hegemony) made me do it." However, that outfit is a much more difficult fit upon, for example, Muriel Degaugue, the 38 year old Belgium and Christian born woman who converted to Islam, traveled to Baghdad and then blew herself up. There have been native born converts from Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, the UK and America convicted of terrorist acts in furtherance of the Islamic cause. It should be clear to anyone who has no agenda that it is foolish to try and justify Islamic terror on the basis of historical slights or wrongs. Clearly, there is a significant and dangerous component to the religion itself that teaches approval for these sorts of acts. [Note: to Dan, remember it is only relevant how a religious book or doctrine is being applied, as opposed to how it can be interpreted in the abstract]

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