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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More On Tookie and Broken Moral Compasses

Do you know who Albert Owens was? How about Yen-I Yang or Tsai-Shai Yang? How about Yee-Chen Lin? I'm sure you've heard of the late Stanley "Tookie" Williams, for who Winnie Mandela will do her best to see to it that he is buried in South Africa. Well, the four people mentioned above are the victims of Tookie's murderous rage. I'm looking at my local rag today and a story entitled "Europeans Angered" with photos of a concerned-looking Sean Penn and some father and his two school age daughters all outside of San Quentin State Prison. The daughters have tears rolling down their cheeks on the news of Tookie's successful execution. Penn looks like he just lost his best friend. It is hard for me to understand the literal shedding of tears by strangers over the death of Williams. There is something morally stunted or broken in a person who is wracked with remorse over the death of a murderer, but by my reckoning has never spent two seconds grieving over the deaths of Owens, the Yangs and Lin. Or spent any time at all reaching out to the shattered families of the murdered who are likely reliving that series of horrible events of twenty-plus years ago. There's something sick about it.

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