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Friday, December 09, 2005

A Muslim speaks about the HATE the US just doesn't understand

I am away on a trip and I was so lucky to find this book on the back of the shelf and the only one left at the airport bookstore. I finished it on the plane. It is called Why I left Jihad? by Walid Shoebat. Since I am up with jetlag I thought I would talk about it. His message in a a former Muslim and Islamic countries do not HATE because of displaced Palestinians...they do not hate the US because of our Israeli policies and westernization. They just hate and there is nothing Jews nor Christians nor Americans can do about it. In fact he goes so far as to say, once Palestine pushes the Jews into the Red Sea and gets the land back...the rest of the Islamic world will then kill all the Palestinians too! This hate is not perpetuated by the terrorists themselves but the government. A person would be killed for passing out a pamphlet against suicide bombing...but not killed by a radical group but by the government. Now there is something we do not hear everyday and that is why he wrote the book...because we the US just don't get it. They hate just to is part and parcel of the religion which the West refuses to acknowledge. All our efforts to accommodate them is a waste of our time and lacks understanding. It is a great read and I highly recommend it since it is definitely written by one who knows and participated and perpetrated exactly from whence he speaks. This author, of course, now lives in fear of his own life for writing this book.

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