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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No Saddam-TV? Wonder Why?

The thought occurred to me, why isn't any American network somehow getting the feed and transmitting live the trial of Saddam Hussein? My understanding is that the trial is being broadcast in Iraq. CourtTV is streaming video of it, at the cost of about $6.00/month, so obviously it is available. I therefore find it somewhat odd that no American outlet is broadcasting it either over the air or by cable/satellite transmission. Inasmuch as we went to war to depose this man, and now he is facing a legal tribunal charged with war crimes, I'd like to think there might be some interest. I'm sure, if the Nuremberg proceedings were available to American television, there would have been some interest in seeing what was happening. Could it be that the vast majority of the American and Western media do not want the public to see and hear live, real time, unedited accounts of the countless atrocities performed at Saddam's behest lest they begin to believe the war was a good thing? Just asking.

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