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Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Short And Sweet Explanation Why Christmas Is "Christmas"

The pic above is the Easter Bunny. It is a fictional character that was created to charm little children over the Easter holiday. Easter is a religious holiday. It is a Christian holiday. You are under no obligation to observe this holiday if you are Christian. You may choose to observe it even if you are not. That's how it works here. Now here's the important part, so listen close: The Easter bunny will be recognized as such even if you call him (her?) the "April Hare" or the "Springtime Rabbit" or "William the Conqueror" or any other name to try to create the fiction that we are not really celebrating Easter, a Christian religious holiday. A Douglas fir tree wrapped in bright, colored lights, festooned with ornaments, topped with a gold, five pointed star and spotted in December is a "Christmas tree." It only appears at the end of the year and represents the Christian holy-day celebrating the birth of Christ. It serves no other purpose apart from that irrespective of the name you decide to give it. It does not celebrate Hanukkah, for that's the Mennorah's job. It does not celebrate Kwanzaa or any other politically motivated holiday. Anyone familiar with Western civilization who sees it knows it has been raised and decorated for one holiday, and one holiday only...Christmas. So stop being self-centered little whiners [Note: here's the story from Australia that motivated my diatribe.]

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